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My New CBR250r ABS

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by lazydesi, May 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Brought the red cbr250r abs a week ago and did finished 500kms today.

    Boys & Girls, let me tell ya, this Bike is more fun to ride and is amazing. you have to drive it, in order to know what I mean.

    it cost me 6300 gold coins including 3 month rego. It was drinking around 3.2L/100km. Can do easily 100 on freeways.

    what I dont like: The exhaust.

    some pics below:






  2. Good stuff, it would be interesting to see sales figures as the number of these i have seen of the road over the last month here in Adelaide has just exploded, they seem to be everywhere. Honda is doing something right :)

    Good call on the exhaust, time to replace it with something a little more stylish.
  3. Just paid for mine today, go for my L's on Thursday, first time ive ever ridden a bike cept for an introductory course . Good to know that its a nice bike.
  4. Noice (agree on the exhaust as well).
  5. Nice bike lazydesi, one to be proud of (the right colour too).
  6. good stuff :D

    i have the black version and i dont like the sound of the exhaust at all

    the engine sounds nice from 6k rpms onwards. waiting for a new pipe for the bike.

    Action MC has a gp style exhaust and sounds deep but its ugly and it doesn't match the bike.

    Where did you get your bike from ?
  7. Please stop putting loader pipes on singles for all our sakes :p :D
  8. I brought from Honda world (SA & Family owned business).
  9. yes, I will agree with you on that. Just a nice designed exhaust will do the job.
  10. What ever, you just jelly of our roaring lawn mower exhaust notes :p. Haha yeah I agree with the exhaust. If it is anything like my cbf it sounds like a sewing machine until over 6000rpm. I wouldn't go overboard though
  11. Congratz on the new ride. :)

    Just curious, was the ABS important in your choice of learner bike and if yes, why?
  12. I already ordered the tail tidy on the 3rd last month a day after it went online.

    Shame they are still a week away from posting it to me :(

    Staintune should have an exhaust for the bike sometime.
  13. macca from the gong ( i presume)..I'll be keen to see your mod...
  14. Correct, And of course ill have pics.

    I recently installed the genuine tinted screen. 4 hour job lol

  15. looks the goods- Where did u get the pillion peg/rego holder plate thingy from?..
  16. ebay, then made the flat plate to suit and pop riveted it on to the plate that bolts on, and painted it black
  17. very schmick bikes impressive in black