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My new CBR1000RR :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by jlyon9, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. 8 Months on a CBR125, 2 1/2 years on a CBR600RR, My 600 was totally bulletproof mechanical wise and that's the most important thing for me. This is an absolutely stunning engineering machine (in my humble opinion). It will be my commuter, and see the odd track day so we'll see how that goes. Picked it up from the Gold Coast last night, it scared the absolute $#it out of me!! Needless to say i twisted the wrist once and rode at 110 the whole way home after that.

    As you can see it already has a fender eliminator, also has polished rims, seat cowl and a radiator guard, I think i'll only stick an exhaust and double bubble on and be done.
    Exhaust: http://www.racetaylormade.com/tmpages/honpages/hondafire.html#

  2. NICE! - Loves it
  3. Very nice mate, I have an 09 and they are wonderful bikes. Yea the power at first can be daunting but once you get used to it, it's actually a big baby that won't bite unless you really get up it. But if you do, hold on tight and make sure you have the brown undies on ;)
  4. red bikes always go faster :)
  5. Very nice bike mate - Congrats ! (y)
  6. Very nice, love it. ;)
  7. Very nice, congratulations!

    I love the look of the taylor made exhaust system, I thought about getting the same for my blade. I ended up with a yoshi R77 slip on because it was cheaper and I had read mixed reviews on the taylor made system. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it if you do get it, and stick it on the dyno so I can see if there would have been any real difference. FYI: R77 + K&N + PCV = 162.5hp at the wheel for my blade.
  8. Thank you Sirs for you words :)

    Nescius, I've also read a lot of mixed reviews on the taylormade. Biohazzard cycles has it for about 770 (aroundabouts) and I emailed Tom (their listed contact) about it and he said he also prefers the yoshi. But I just love the look so much I am willing to give it a try. Havent decided on PCV yet, but if i get one i'll probably get the autotune kit too, I know NOTHING about dyno tuning.
    My friend had the r77 slip-on on his 08 blade so i know it looks the part but i felt it was a little quiet? but i never heard him under heavy throttle so...
  9. $770 sounds like a good price, I'm sure they were more expensive when I was looking mid last year (maybe the dollar is a lot stronger now), the yoshi cost me about $800 when I bought it in July. I saw a taylor made in the flesh a few months ago and it looked great, I was too gutless to try it so I hope it works out well for you! The R77 is not as loud as the akrapovic on my ZX-9R for general around town riding, but it is still pretty loud and certainly a lot louder than the stock exhaust (and it was deafening near the redline on the dyno).

    PCV + dyno tune cost me about $1,000 but was definitely worth it, the bike feels a lot better than it did with just the pipe.

    Make sure you update the thread (with pics!) once you get it installed :grin:
  10. Looks great mate!

    I'd get another set of tires and set those bad boys away in the shed for your track day. You'll kill those things commuting!

    Congrats again man and ride safe!
  11. Yessir some good advice right there, just bought some pirelli angels off ebay for $429 from team moto hopefully they dont screw me with the $12 postage when I'm picking them up? ...
  12. So, wait. You like hondas??

    Nice looking bike though.
  13. Beautiful bike, mate. Congrats :)
  14. Is there anything better? :p

    *looks down at signature!*
  15. IMG_0557-1.

    Fitted the Taylormade today!

    Mate is foreman of one of the Audi shops and wouldve been totally lost without him (and his tools). Took 830-12 this morning and we were all well over it by then. Overall though im happy with what we (he) accomplished.
    This thing is LOUD - I ride with earbuds in (yes yes) - ones that fit with a nice seal in so you get minimal outside noise. I ride with music on low enough to hear traffic but you don't get any road noise coming through. All I can hear is the exhaust!!!! It fills my whole head I don't know if i'm gonna be able to put up with this commuting (but I will). I don't tailgate and there were cars moving left in their own lane to make way for me even when I had no intention of overtaking them!

    A few notes for those interested - I scored a great deal - $779.00 US from biohazardcyles. I emailed Tom directly and he sent me a paypal invoice. Paid and got the tracking number that afternoon, it took a week to get here. Would definitely buy through them again.

    Like I said, fitment is a *pain in the a$$*. The exhaust fit fine inside the trim piece, which is very nicely fabricated, but when we turned it on and it heated up it slid (expanded) about 3-4mm back and down, which left it sitting against the CF. It was already fully against the cat (headers??) so my mate had to bend some of the mounting brackets, but this still didnt yield enough clearance. He ended up sticking a massive socket + extension directly in the muffler and bending it forward (!!!). Glad he was there I wouldve been totally lost and had no balls to do any of that.
    We also got stuck on what to do with the O2 sensor. The instructions and instructional video make no mention of it (not on US bikes). Another mate (not the qualified mechanic :p) figured out you just disconnect it from where the plug is near the frame and another plug that comes with it is designed to block it off on the end.

    Its also very light, and you can definitely feel the drop in weight straight away.
    I think it looks fkn AWESOME.
    If its worth $779...thats another issue.. you can get a yoshi for $600, and a jardine for $377(!!). You decide...I still havent, but too late for that :p and i do love it :)
    More pics to come!
  16. That looks so much better than the stock exhaust - love it! I absolutely hate the look of exhausts on the new models. Personally I think they should have stuck with sending the exhaust straight out the ass end.

    This looks very clean and tidy though. (y)