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My new CBR.. :) :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sir_b, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Went out to whoop whoop to check out a cbr today with a mate (aarmel), had a good feeling that this bike would be the one.

    After a test ride and a bit of a haggle, picked it up for a good price.

    Now, there's probably nothing special about this cbr, but my god, power, handling, and general feel, is head and shoulders over the 3 other bikes I've ridden (gpx, cb, zx2r), I'm extremely impressed. And for the price I picked it up for, wow, just wow.

    Can't wait til the rw gets done and I get to take it home :) :)

  2. WoooHoo! :dance: :dance: :dance:

    Well Done mate. I guess that means we'll be seeing you again at coffee soon. :dance: :biker:
  3. Well????????????????


    C'mon, man, get with the programme :LOL:
  4. Thanks matey, and yeah, you've got that right :)

  5. Don't forget to change your profile. :grin:
  6. Done, and good call :)

  7. Nice looking bike mate. That looks pretty, :dance: =P~ Sounds like a new bike celebration is in order. :beer:
  8. I'll wait for it to be parked in my garage before I get too carried away.

    I'll be the guy at Sunday coffee with the big smile on his face next week though :)

  9. vera narce, congrats Justin!
  10. Good work bloke, that looks great!!! im sure it will be a great feeling to be back on the road!!
  11. Congrats on the new bike.
  12. Ooooooo nice.
  13. Very nice bike Justin, great buy
  14. mmm Yellow, I likes yellow.

    A great looking bike! Very nice indeed.
  15. Ahh, we have matching bikes :)

    You will love it Sir_b. It has been a very nice bike to ride and so reliable and forgiving. :)
  16. all you need is matching helemets
  17. Noice bike ya have there Sir b. Hope to see it out there real soon :biker:
  18. No one could ever match my helmet !! :LOL:
  19. Thanks for the kind words all :)