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My new CBF250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by geckom, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I know most of you have very cool bikes, but I wanted to show off my new newbie bikes :)

  2. resize your pic so we can see it
  3. Should be a more manageable size now.
  4. Nothing wrong with the CBF250, we all had to start somewhere. Congratulations on your ride, it looks very tidy.
  5. It's all a matter of perspective. You may dream of owning something better but at the same time there's quite literally thousands of Indonesians that dream of one day owning a CBF250.
  6. enjoy the ride mate! congrats!
  7. nuthin wrong with that bike mate
  8. thats a great bike mate... i am not a fan of full fearings... that my friend is very tidy i like it
  9. Great ride dude..I liked the color as well...
    Did you buy a new one or used one???
  10. gecko....if it's your bike, its cool

    /end doubt
  11. Nice steed. I'm currently riding one myself. I think it's a perfect beginner bike, even though the learning curve is steeper than a postie or CBR125R for the first few weeks.
  12. nice bike dude, the cbf set me up well