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My new CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Rob1010, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Finally got a chance to take a few pics of my new girl today.
    Clocked up 60km on her so far lol



    Definitely need an aftermarket exhaust, it's way too quiet!

  2. Rear spring suspension ,With a obviously modern brake system. 4 into 1 exhaust ,Its like a mini GSX that will stop

    i like it
  3. 2011 ABS? Exactly the same model and colour I bought, fantastic bike - doesn't need and aftermarket exhaust, but that's personal preference.

    I replaced the mirrors, too old school for me ;)
  4. yah , I can see the slotted ring for the ABS. looks like it would stop on a dime
  5. Its a feb 2012 abs (well spotted on the sensor ring)
    I've practiced a few emergency stops but have not engaged the abs yet, it does stop amazingly well, but it's my first bike so nothing to compare to.

    Love getting out on it every chance I can.
  6. Nice! I still ask myself whether I should have got this same colour rather than the blue. The black and gold is a great combo!
    Picked-up one of the last Megacycle exhaust yesterday and hoping to have it on mine tomorrow night! It is a personal preference, but it was a little too quite for me hehe.
  7. Nice bike. Congrats.

    Here is a thread on here I put up from my testing of the ABS on my CB400. It's a fun roller coaster ride of entertainment - not my doing :) - but it worth reading for some info. ABS is a somewhat controversial topic that evokes various degrees of feeling amongst riders.

    while the CB does have a decent amount of power, it's quite gentle in the lower rev range. Once you get it up around 7-10k RMP, it does start to kick a little. Front end feel is nice, corners really well, and has good balance. Great bike to learn on IMO.
  8. These are great bikes, congratulations I love the black and gold combination.