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My new CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Glenn01, May 22, 2012.

  1. My new CB400. First bike and couldn't be happier.

  2. Looking good man congrats! Loving the red on gold combination.
  3. What's the top speed on these fellows?
  4. Nice mate. Ive got a white one - they're awesome!

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  5. 185kph although some seem to be able to go a bit beyond that. That said, beyond 150-160 acceleration is pretty slow if you have a bit of weight on the bike and I'd say the suspension is stable to 150 or so.
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  6. Nice livery......great bike too - The CB400 are quality built all the way to the bolts and fasteners....

    Enjoy (y)
  7. They are great fun and a nice stable platform to learn on. A really good commuter and a bit of fun in the hills. I actually miss mine for everyday general riding around town.
  8. Great choice, expect to give bigger bikes some tough time in the twisties :D
  9. congrats on the new toy :) nice colors too.
  10. Thanks all for the comments.

    Can't beleive the weather forecast though - that's what I get for buying a bike at the start of a Melbourne winter.

    I guess I'll be shopping for some wet weather gear and something to go under my gloves - I never imagined how cold my hands would get ...
  11. A good looking bike you got there. Congrats. (y)

    Don't worry about the weather. Once you're all rugged up in the proper gear, it's even more fun. :D

    If I may suggest, get a good quality rain pants, marino wool balaclava & inner gloves.

    If your jacket and gloves are already winter/water proof then you're all set. Yell out if you want some more info.
  12. Congats mate, very very nice looking CB.

    If you have not found it already have a look at the CB thread found here


    Currently only 2530 posts long so it will take you no time to read it...:D

    More importantly there are some great guys in the thread who will be able to help you with anything you need to know about the bike.

    Enjoy her and our current lovely weather.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. Lazy Libran - thanks, I just bought myself some rain paints and a rain jacket to go over my leather one - just realised the alpinestar sp2 gloves I bought aren't waterproof though so not sure whether to go the liner route or spring for a pair of proper winter gloves? Might try out the liners first as the $$ are mounting up!

    Jim - thanks, I have been trying to work my way through that thread - its taking a while :-s
  14. Beautiful bike! Enjoy.
  15. I rode back from Bendigo last night and the heated grips worked a treat - especially in the cold bit near woodend!
  16. Good choice, fun bike
  17. ^^THIS^^

    I had the blue, white & red with gold wheels. We were so in love, until I had a serious run in with some armco on Buringbar range. Either way the 4 months we spent together was bliss. Best learners bike in my opinion. Recently saw one on bikesales with a cafe conversion seat cowl and clip ons, so wish I could have done it to mine, looked dope!!!

    Make sure you enjoy every minute on it, cause I MISS MINE :(
  18. I love the color combination with gold rims.
  19. Get some Oxford heated grips.. I'm about to pull the trigger on a set for a Qld winter. Can't imagine how cold Melbourne would be riding a bike..
  20. Yeah, I'm thinking about it - which ones are you getting and are you planning to install them yourself?