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My new CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by standrewscross, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I picked up my 2010 CB400 from Peter Stevens 2 weeks ago and I'm riding every chance I get. I have 2 mates who ride so they have helped the learning curve, although I still take corners like an 83 year old. I read everything I can get my hands on and find the forums a great place for noob tips and safety.

    I looked at just about everything but decided on the CB400 due to the compact and managable size, how the power was delivered, like the look, honda reliability/resale and it just had a good feel to it (I assume you know what I mean) I narrowed down the the CB, galdius (didn't grow on me from a looks perspective) 650 Ninja and Yammie XJ6S (didn't like the restricted throttle on either) and the 250 Ninja which just seemed too small.

    All in all this is new girl, brand spanking new except for where my mate, an experienced rider, dropped her on a U-turn. Thankfully only a small mark on the engine cover and exhaust (still filthy)


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  2. Welcome to the club and I'm sure you will enjoy it for a long time. Like the new colour scheme and the way everything in and around the engine is black except for the pipe. Wheels being black is a nice touch too. Chuck on one of these babies to match it for looks, awesome sound and performance to go. I see you didn't opt for the abs option.

  3. Funky looking bikes, lads !
    Enjoy the new beast, standrewscross (y)
  4. Where did you bury your mate?

  5. oggy knobs (y) :LOL:
  6. He is just about to buy a new house so I let him off the hook for now. I will see how I go with dropping it myself first.

    I would also say some oggy knobs might be a birthday present for said mate.

    Resmen - couldn't quite stretch for the ABS, love the exhaust, would look nice on mine but still on LAMS so no modifications for me, plus I plan on upgrading when I get unrestricted so probably not much point at this stage
  7. Think knobs are the least he could do and tell him hes a knob for dropping your brand spanker : )

    I too am also on my lams though the exhaust isn't offensively loud so I doubt you'd get picked up on it and the sound falls below the legal limit. You're going to be stuck on it for a minimum of 15 months. I intend to keep it longer than that.
  8. Nice bike, enjoy it.
  9. Nice bike, i bought 1 for the wife a few weeks back and rode it home, handles both the highway and corners well. you will have fun
  10. Nice bike. Although your mate deserves a whack. Not everyone drops their first bike, despite what you read on forums. I didn't.
  11. I love these 400's and would even have one as a commuter finances allowing. Good choice.
  12. Beautiful bike, really love the colour and also the black engine!! I have a blue 2008 model and you won't be dissappointed with it!!!