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My new brake lever (with pics!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wentworthmeister, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Ok i went out for my weekly run into the hills yesterday, got as far as emerald (not far, maybe 30mins into the ride), when i got a bit confused with directions. So i decided to pull into a sidestreet to have a quick glance at the map. I turned into the street, which had a slight incline.

    I attempted a U-turn at walking pace, but ran out of room, and to avoid hitting the curb i grabbed the front brakes (2 bad mistakes: "grabbed" and "front brake"). Of course the bike dropped onto it's side and i literally stepped off it and watched it fall, it was past catching :cry:

    A man and woman were walking their dog and saw the whole thing, the man came over and helped me lift the bike back up, then went on his way. After it was back up i noticed the brake lever still on the road, it had snapped off at the joint :mad: About the same time another bloke came out of his front yard just opposite and said "i was just washin me bike, heard ya come up the street and then i heard the crunch and thought oh sh*t!" We got chatting and turns out he's ridden ducatis, guzzi's and cagivas his whole life, but had just bought a triumph sprint 1050. Anyway to cut a long story short he wheeled my bike into his garage, where we spent the next 30min chatting while he fabricated a makeshift lever so i could get home!

    Here's a couple of pics:


    I've always heard that motorcyclists are a close bunch and tend to look out for each other, but now i've experienced it first hand. Thanks heaps to Lez, i might have to drop a 6-pack at his doorstep with a thankyou note next time i'm up there :grin:

  2. Haha awesome, I love bush mechanic fixes :D

    I got lost yesterday up at Dayboro and ended up at the end of a dirt track, there were a couple of guys unloading trail bikes that helped me on my way. The bond runs deep :grin:
  3. That's a pimpin' lever. Worth at least a carton I'd say. :grin:
  4. id say definatly drop a six pack.how lucky were you?what a top bloke.
  5. It's so good that i actually went for a ride this morning, albiet after a few mods (locktight, rubber sealed nut etc). I called every dealer and wrecker to get a new lever but everyone is closed over the easter weekend :(
    I know, it probably wasn't the smartest idea, but i just couldn't bear the thought of no riding all weekend :wink:
    Now my only dilemma is: What type of beer to say thanks? :LOL:
    I'm a 19yo who doesn't drink that much ( :shock: :shock: :shock: :LOL: ), so any input is appreciated.
  6. You can never go wrong with Crownies :)
  7. Fabricating a new lever, that's just getting fancy :p.

    Did someone steal your pillion pegs ;)
  8. aaawww that just makes me all warm an' fuzzy.swing by my place before you go see him next and ill load you up with some home brew to give him.and place an order for me..ill take 2 levers.cheers
  9. dont worry what type of beer...
    cos free beer is the best beer in the world. :wink:

    should be more of those type of people in the world...
    the type that help strangers
    and strangers that know how to say thanks.

    top stuff :cool:
  10. What a top bloke.. Id say get him some crownies .. :cool:
  11. Awesome fix, Well worth a 6 pack of anything.
  12. I have a few levers here but I can't see the master cylinder in those pics to see if they'd fit
  13. Liquorland voucher!
  14. You were prety lucky someone like that still existes.
    And to make a lever that would get you home.
  15. That's gold! :LOL: Didn't even think of that.
    Ian: Here's a few more pics of the master cylinder. Sorry the 2nd one is blurry.


    The voucher is a good idea, although i think the effortlessness (for him) of a 6-pack on the doorstep is a better reward. That's how i would think anyways...
  16. I've had a look and the 5 or so types I have here (I usually have all the current race bike levers) are pretty close but far enough a way not to fit.
    I'm guessing the ZX6 might fit but I don't have any left at the moment.

    Try JohnnyO, he may have his shop open on Monday.
  17. Ever since I've joined "the family" so to speak, the help and advice I have received from fellow bike riders is amazing!!!

    Definately drop off a six pack to him bud.........
  18. Do that. :) But you better call him Les. ;-) That's the usual spelling.


  19. :shock: Oops :oops: Yeah i didn't notice that