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My New Brain Bucket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by benji, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. I bought a new lid today. I reckon i did a bloody good job. The missus disagrees.

    I hate shopping so i normally go to the nearest shop and buy the first thing i see that will do the job. Today I went to numerous shops and tried on lots of helmets.

    Eventually I found one that fits real nice, looks the goods and was the right price at about $280.

    So I came home grinnin like a horse chewin prickles, quite pleased with myself. She took one look at it and walked away disgusted!

    What did I do wrong? :?: :? :?:


  2. nothing wrong with the girlie pic, not sure about the yankee style tho JJ
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  4. I rate that Im a Fan of KBC good helmets for a good price. $280 that is the best price I have seen that helmet for good buy.
  5. yeah, the old 50's style Vargas graphic doesn't fit with the clean-cut 90s colour scheme.

    never mind, though, it fits well, and if it annoys at least one person, then it's money well spent :p
  6. Your female companion does not appreciate the form of the female figure. If she was bisexual, it would be a perfect world and everyone would be happy for the helmet, maybe even some bedroom antics wearing the helmet.

    I personally highly rate this helmet colour scheme, it looks very Aviation orientated which I dig. 'Cause bikes go fast and ride next to F14's takng off at Mirimar like Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell did.
  7. That out to keep the missus off the back of the bike!

    Do you prefer to ride solo? ;-)
  8. But isn't the point of owning a bike soley based on ego and getting chicks ON the back of the bike? Meaning, lure them with the sexuality of the motorcycle, then take them home on the back of it, and play tea parties? If you know what I mean.
  9. Actually to this day I can't get the missus on the back of the bike.

    Maybe she doesn't trust me.

    Maybe my dopey mates told to many stories she shouldn't know.
  10. i like it
    but as long as it fits who really cares whats on the outside....
    remember the old saying...."dosnt matter what the outside is like... its whats on the inside that count"
    or somthing along those lines :LOL:
  11. Copycat! I have the same helmet. Everyone loves it. I always get told 'nice helmet' when I'm filling up.
  12. What does your missus think of it?
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  14. Don't have one, Happily Single :D Everyone loves it, except this one chick. I think she'll warm up to it soon enough though.
  15. LOL @ helmet :LOL:

    Nice one!

    U'll C soon enuf if/what reactions it gets out on the road :p
  16. If you're feeling game... while you're wearing the helmet... tell her to build a bridge and get over it... then run for your life!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    I don't see a prob with your helmet. Your partner doesn't have to wear it!

    Personally I like your "grinning like a horse chewin pickles" comment! Hilarious!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  17. Actually i felt really brave when i brought it home. I rode into the garage and she just looked at me and walked off lol. I think telling her to build a bridge would be worse than the time my dopey mate told her how i wound the bandit off the clock.
  18. I think KBC actually sells a helmet with an aviation theme to it, with "intake" and all sorts of stuff on it. Saw it at Peter Stevens a few weeks ago so might tickle ur fancy!
  19. So who else watched Top Gun last night? Such a thunderw#*nk but so enjoyable :p