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My New Boy Marco

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbie55, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Some may recall my post recently re moving to the burbs due my second child being due in Jan.

    As it turns out the little one couldn't wait and arrived on Thursday - 10 weeks early. He is a little battler at 1.65kg and will be a humicrib for at least the next 6-7 weeks but all is going good so far.

    It was hard deciding on the name given the loss of Super Sic so recently but think this is a fitting tribute to #58 and if my son has half the determination as Simoncelli he'll be fine.

    Thanks for letting me share my happiness
  2. Congrats Robbie, and a great name for a little man too...
    Friends of ours had a 10-week premmie a few years ago; the care they get is second-to-none, and today she's a bright (noisy) little girl with no problems at all...
  3. congrats bud :)
  4. (y) congrats and an excellent choice for a name as well.
  5. Yeah man - congratulations
  6. Thats fanatstic new. Congratulations x
  7. congrats to you both, and a splendid choice for a name
  8. Congratulations! All the best to your little guy!
  9. Thanks for the kind messages. Had my first hold of Marco just tonight. A special moment.
  10. Congratulation! Wonderful. When I saw the thread title I rather thought it was a new bike thread. Glad to be wrong.

    Look after yourself, robbie. You just began the biggest and most important job you'll ever have.
  11. Congratulations Robbie, and Mrs Robbie of course. Wonderful choice of name. When he gets old enough you will have to tell him of his namesake.
  12. congrats mate, and very awesome tribute by naming your son after Super Sic. I'm sure he'll do it proud.
  13. Obviously like his namesake, he was keen to get out and start doing things. :)

    Congratulations and best wishes to Dad, Mum and little Marco.
  14. Make sure you take heaps of photos. The first child usually seems to get the Lions share. Dunno why, but it happens. Congratulations too :)
  15. Congratulations Robbie.

    Having had my little boy for 4 months now, i gotta say, it just gets better and better every day.

    And the care that kids get from the medicals these days is amazing.
  16. A belated but genuine thanks for all the kind words.

    Thought I'd just provide an update for those interested.

    Marco is now out of intensive care and progressing well - able to breath completely unassisted, is managing his own body temp and is now just over 2kg. He is in the special care ward and receiving great treatment. A big thank you to all the RPA staff, they are truly professional and patient. Once he is able to eat by himself (currently being fed milk through a line directly to his stomach) he should be able to come home, staff say that should be just in time for Xmas so we are hoping to have him home then.
  17. Congratulations, Robbie !
    Fantastic news and fine name selection (y)
  18. Woot! A new rider enters the fold. Noice!

    Congratz. :)
  19. Congrats Robbie :)