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My New Bolwell VS125

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by philride, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Well I finally went and laid out a deposit on one of the new Bolwell VS125 scoots today. They came into the shop yesterday. I was only going to have a look. But I was surprised at how nice and well put together these bikes are.
    A few things I noticed... they don't have the blue lights on the front like the ones I've seen on the net. They come in grey, black, red and white. I chose a white one, mostly because it looks like a nice different colour and can be seen better at night.
    With on roads, helmet, jacket, gloves, and topbox it came to just $4k.
    Oh.. I was also surprised at how long the bike is... definitely easy to dink another person on there.
    I'll try to post some photos of my new baby here. I pick it up tomorrow. :grin:



  2. So how is the VS125?

    Hello Philride, new to this forum thing.. hope i am getting this right.. sorry if not.
    I am picking up MY White, VS 125 this afternoon.. cant wait..
    How is it going for you?
  3. Hey 2troo
    The new scooter is going great mate! I haven't strayed too far from the city on it yet as I get up some more riding confidence on it (first time rider here). I'm really amazed at the amount of pick up it has... I have scootered off from traffic lights a few times a bit quicker than I expected... even scared a few pedestrians.
    I haven't pushed it too much yet as I let the motor run itself in. I still have a lot to learn about the bike yet.
    Oh... and the under seat storage is great... fits my full face helmet, thick gloves and my big thick jacket.
    Oh... and one more thing... it turns heads too :)
    I hope you enjoy the bike. White too eh? Nice one!
  4. White Bolwell vs125

    you're Just the bloke to talk to... I am SO first time rider that I dont even have my licence yet!! But I will.. soon... about the running in...60km max speed! I was surprised to read that, not having had a bike before.
    I have someone running mine in for me while I learn to ride in quite, private places.. but he will soon get jack of it.. he rides an Aprilia 1000!!
    When He brought it home for me last night it hit me just how much I have to learn and also how stunning the white is!
    Storage capacity terrific... did the shopping yesterday.. Have you tried two up... it goes very well.. made it up a steep hill no worries.. though coming down it I felt, as a pillion less safe than on the Aprilia(?).
  5. I didn't know about the running in speed. I accidently ended up on the freeway on day one and was up to 80km for a short section.
    I haven't actually doubled anyone on my bike yet, I'm still on my P's so no doubling anyone for a while yet. The VS125 is very long and well suited for a 2nd passenger. Not sure I would like carrying people too far on it though.
    Wow! You're the first person i know who has gone and bought a bike before even having a licence.
  6. i did, but i go for my license this Sunday.
    bike isnt registered yet but i still bought it BEFORE i had a license.
    anyway, scooter likes nice.
    id happily have one, even with a few more CC's they have certianly surprised a few experienced riders in the reviews ive read.
  7. to philride and lurker

    philride: I always do things round the wrong way! Do you know someone who can take you as a pillion on your own bike? Its fun! Just watching someone ride your bike helps with understanding how you look when you're getting about... such a cool scoot!
    The shop I bought from has monthly rides so this weekend we go off for coffee in a cute country town.. I get to sit on the back but still be a part of it all and learn from all the other scoota riders.

    Lurker: Good luck! let us know how it goes!
  8. i'm really warming to the look of these scoots.

    I'm glad they ditched those poxy blue bulbs from the overseas models. much better now.
  9. I was actually disappointed they lost the blue bulbs. Made the bikes look a little more spacey after dark.
    Well here I am on day 1 when I brought the new scoot home. I am 5'11 so you can get an idea of the size of it.

  10. Oh Philride!

    What a snazzy Scoot!!
    It looks just like MINE!
    I have had my first ride on my own... I turned a corner and managed a u turn.. AND got my feet up in place! for someone who not only does NOT have a licence but has never riden a bike b4.. I am happy, only got nervous when a great bloody truck came up behind me... so hard to find somewhere to play that is safe!
    I didnt even know where the indicators were!!
    Spent much in fuel yet?
  11. I haven't actually refuelled yet. I've been pretty heavy handed with the acceleration around the city so I don't think my consumption figures should be anything to go on. I suspect I will get about 150km before looking to refuel.
    I noticed that the bike is quite "fumey" while sitting at traffic lights... I suspect this is just the smell of the new motor wearing in and any coatings from packing/shipping etc burning off.
  12. fuems

    You are right about the smell... its sort of a new car smell which surprised me because I figured that would only happen in cars... What sort of kms
    have you done? each time we head out the scoot loosens up just a bit more.. have changed the settings a bit as the ride 2up can be a little hard.
    Have u eva ridden b4? I was kinda hoping this would be easy as I just want to be able to take off and enjoy a relaxing ride... which is how it is when i am a pillion... tho we did come off 3 weeks ago..ouch.
  13. Only 100km so far. I've barely left the city. Once i get a bit more free time I'll be able to get out some more.
    The bike is going to be used mainly within the city, which is why I chose the smaller cc motor.
    This is my first scooter, i'm also a first time rider.
  14. your VS 125

    Philride: are you up to your 1st service yet?
    I have finally got into how the scoot feels and feeling pretty comfortable, I am so glad I went for the longer wheel base.
    Still getting about in secret places as my 'L'course isnt till mid oct!
    How is it out in the real world of traffic?
    I did do a short motorcycle course last week on a yamaha XT 250... and never been happier to be back on the scoot. I will remail a TAG DAG for a good while yet.
    No scraping on any corners yet?
  15. I haven't been out much in the past couple of weeks on the new scoot. I had a quick run down to St Kilda yesterday and was amazed at how much the wind catches you as I got along beach road.
    But you are right... I think the scooter is starting to run smoother and I'm getting more used to it's size and capabilities the more I ride it. The first service is still some time away yet. I need to get out on a long ride.
  16. I walked in to my local Scooter shop and saw a MadAss sitting out the front. I had seen one on the road earlier in the week and it caught my eye, and I was interested.

    When I saw the one in the shop I immediately wanted one. Everything about it appealed to me. I am a first time buyer and will be selling my car and getting a scooter for commuting to work and general scooting around town. I'll do this for the summer and then reassess what I want to do for winter.

    Since I first wanted a MadAss, I've been checking everything out about them. The biggest problem is that I really need something that will sit comfortably at 100 kph, though not because I intend to do much highway riding. But because I will definately need to sit on 90 around the city. The MadAss just seems to be a little too underpowered.

    I really like the look of the Bolwell GMax 150, but it is about $1000 beyond my budget. Then I saw this little baby, the VS 125, and discovered that it is almost as powerful as the 150 and the same price as the MadAss!

    It is also better quality, has storage and better visibility and just seems to be a much more practical choice to replace a car. So, imabout to walk into the shop and buy a white one.

    I was also looking at jackets and helmets and decided upon the Corazzo 5.0 orange/black/white reflective strips and the Scoot-R Trepezzi three-season jacket, and the Nolan N42 open face and possibly the nolan N102 modular (though the shape reminds me somewhat of the helmets in the recent Planet of the Apes).

    I'll also be looking at some solid white or black armoured pants, perhaps from IXON. I liked their Sismic three-season jacket, but it wasn't bright enough for me (it was only grey and doesn't have any reflectives at all).

    Anyway, I wanted to thank those putting in their 2c about the VS 125. It's definately helped me decide.
  17. from MadAss to Vs!

    So Toast.. did you buy a VS 125??
    A white one? the white is so cool.
  18. hehe, not yet. I have to get my L's first and I am doing the L course on the 3/4th Oct. As soon as I have them, I'll be checking in and test driving the VS 125. I'll also test ride a few others in the shop for comparison.

    I think I'll also go test the MadAss, also just for comparison. I am pretty sure I'm not going to buy it.

    Since 'deciding' on the Corizzo 5.0 and Trepezzi jackets, I have looked at the Cortech GX Air with Leather - only available in the US:

    They look just like the thing. Much stronger than the Corizzo, I think.

    I'm sure I'll be going through a few more decisions yet, before I settle on the jacket that's right for me.
  19. you know the MadAss 125 is a manual right?
  20. Hi Duffman - yeah, 4 spd.

    6KWs vs 8.7KWs for the VS... heard nothing but good things about the Bolwell.

    The more I think about the storage on the Bolwell the more I like it.