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My New Blue 2005 Kawasaki Ninja!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ninja03, Aug 25, 2009.


    Ok guys here it goes….been for a few rides now on my 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 636 (My first bike bigger than a 250) so I think now is the perfect time to write a review about my first impressions, and experience so far…

    Had been looking around for a 600 for over a month and was very quickly growing impatient. Every weekend was spent down at motor bike shops sitting on bikes trying to decide which bike I wanted. All through my 250 days I had my heart set on a Ninja even to the point that if I rode past a ninja I would quickly do a U turn and follow them for as long as I could just so I could look at their bike…...i know…..WHAT A MESS!

    However with limited 2006 Model Ninjas in the second hand market within my price range at the time I started to steer myself toward the Gixer600 and the R6 because there were a lot more available for sale in the market compared to the ZX-6R. There was one ninja on the net which I had been eyeing off for ages but was out of the price range completely (advertised at 11,500 and I had a budget of 10,000).

    Long story short spent weeks upon weeks looking through various motor bike shops, talking to dealers and private sellers (actually came within a caterpillars dick of buying an R6 however as much as I tried to convince myself I felt comfortable on it….I just didn’t). ANYWAY! Got home one after noon pissed off and angered that another weekend had gone past without me being able to ride. Jumped onto bike sales and started searching through ninjas again with the faint hope that someone would be advertising a modern ninja within my price range. I almost fell off my seat when I saw the ninja I had been eyeing off for so long had been reduced by $1,000 and was now being advertised at $10,500!!!!
    Called the guy and bolted straight over! I’m surprised I didn’t rack up 10 grand in speeding fines!

    I pulled up and the bike was parked out the front. A 2005 blue Kawasaki ninja, 500kms on the clock, blue rims, blue sparkling frame WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!I must of looked like a school girl at a Britney Spears Concert. Told the guy I wanted it after a whole 3.5 seconds of checking it over! I hadn’t even sat on the thing and I was ripping every cent and penny out of my pocket putting together one of the most pathetic attempts at a deposit the world has ever seen!! I didn’t give a flyer if this bike felt comfortable or not I was gonna make it feel bloody comfortable! Anyway after a week of Organizing Road Worthy’s, Transfer forms, Transfer Funds, Bank Loan Applications and all the other obsticals vic roads through in my path make life as difficult as possible the night finally came to pick up the bike…

    SEAT POSITION: First thing I noticed when getting on the bike was how comfortable the seat is on these ninjas. Perfect height and quite cushy which I am assuming will make it comfortable for longer distance rides. I definitely found the seating position on the Kawasaki to be the best of the bunch. The Gixer was good as well. Didn’t like the R6, felt very high and uncomfortable with a very aggressive riding style. The Honda just felt uncomfortable for no particular reason mainly because it was the one bike out of the four which I knew I didn’t want! No disrespect to Honda owners I know they are a great bike and have a heap of respect for them just personally don’t appeal to me.

    THROTTLE RESPONSE: Next thing I noticed was how smooth the throttle response is. After reading plenty of posts on here about how much more powerful 600’s are than 250s, I thought one slip of the clutch or two much throttle and ill spend more time on the ground than an Italian soccer player during the world cup! But to my surprise the bike is actually very forgiving and if you treat her with respect it will respect you.

    WIDTH OF THE BIKE: The ZX-6R and most 600’s in general aren’t as wide as the 1000s (yes I did go through the whole 1000 or 600 debate). Sat on quite a few 1000’s in the showroom and they are definitely a fair bit wider than the 600’s. Even felt the gixer 600 to be quite wide but the Kawasaki felt spot on.

    HANDLING: These bikes are awesome! I have so much more confidence in this bike already than I had on my Hyosung. I’m not a knee down rider yet as I am still developing my skills and learning my way around the bike but I have got the bike a lot lower already than I ever got the Hyosung due to the extra confidence I have that this bike wont put me on my @SS!

    SPEED: Its no great secret. These bikes are EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Obviously my bike has only done 680km so I haven’t taken her over 4000 rpm. However as every guy or girl does when they pick up a new bike, its essential to give the throttle a bit of a twist to see what it can do. Found a nice piece of straight road on my ride home and gave the throttle a bit of a twist! Now I know why everyone says to HANG ON! Twisted the throttle about half way (BIG MISTAKE) and felt like my shoulder had just been ripped out of its socket! If I did that on the Hyosung it might be just enough gas to get the bike up my driveway! On the ZX6 it felt like it was enough gas to get me to Sydney quicker than a boeing 747! Won’t be doin that again for a while! Also these bikes will cruise along at 60km/h in third or forth gear comfortable at about 3-4 thousand rpm. THIS THING REDLINGS AT 16000 RPM!! I don’t know how fast this thing can really go but id be guessing it would be over 250 km/h easily!

    TORQUE: The last thing that makes these bikes so good are the awesome amounts of Torque that they possess. Came to the bottom of a hill which I would normally need to kick the Hyo back to first gear just to get it half way up the hill then get off and walk the second half! The Kawasaki cruised up comfortably in 5th gear and could of done it easily in 6th! What a machine!

    Anyway Guys in conclusion anyone that is in the market for a 600 I seriously recommend one of these. They are a fantastic all round bike and are very comfortable to ride. If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me or post them below

    1. Never take a sellers word, always do your own tests! I went to have a look at a Gixer 1000 during my search. Asked the guy if the bike had ever been dropped (bike looked spotless other than one or two small marks on the handle bars). The guy instantly responded “no way, never been dropped†Went home and did a Vic roads test on the bike and turns out the bike is a repairable write off!!!!! Obviously being written off doesn’t classify as a drop these days! I seriously recommend doing the Vic roads test before even putting a deposit on a bike. Even though it is the sellers obligation to tell you, some Wont!


    2.Don’t mean to sound like a episode of Home and Away but go with your heart!!! I always loved ninjas but because I was becoming impatient and just wanted to get a bike ASAP almost bought a gixer or an R6 for the sake of buying a bike! I recommend to anyone looking for a bike at all, BE PATIENT! The bike you want will eventually become available. Don’t settle for your second or third option!
    3.This is by no means a Hyosung bagging thread. The Hyosung was a great Bike! I know some people on this forum have had unfortunate experiences with them but from my own personal experience I would not recommend any other bike to learn on (especially if you’re a 6’3 praying mantus like me). Their big, comfortable and mine did not miss a beat. If it wasn’t for financial reasons I would have love to of kept that bike to dink around on every now and again! They are especially good as well because they have a larger frame. When it comes time to upgrade to a bigger bike, you are use to a large frame and the bigger bike seems much less intimidating!

    Thanks for reading guys!
    Seeya out on the road
  2. Ninja03

    Congrats on the new bike mate. Good write up too especially liked the tip to check with Vicroads. Never been dropped huh :)

  3. Thanks Smoky!

    Yeh its amazing how a bike can get written off without getting dropped!
  4. A Few comments on your post.
    1 Yep get out on lots of bikes and go with what works for you (The Kwaka’s geometry and I just don’t get along)
    2 The 636 is the Best looking ZX6 that Kwaka put out (The new ones look like crap IMHO)
    3 Enjoy, getting used to a 600 is a whole heap of fun (BTW If it is an 05 with SFA On the clock that rubber has probably gone off, replacing it will probabably be as mind blowing as getting on the 600.
    4 :worthlesspics:

  5. 1. Very True. Its all about what bike suits you. Personally the Kawa felt the best for me closly followed by the Gixer. The R6 and Honda just didnt feel right for me
    2. Agree with you, not a fan of the new look Kawa.
    3. Im assuming you mean replacing the tires? They seem to be working just fine atm:p
    4. Pics are here mate:

    Thanks for the feeback :)
  6. Hey Ninja03

    Congrats on the new bike. Really good detailed post too.

    Can't say any of kawa's do it for me but I know what you mean about going with your heart. Had a real sensible choice for my first bike and although I enjoyed it, there is nothing like stepping out in the morning and seeing something that you really love and fits you just right. Takes the whole experience to a new level.