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My new Blackbird

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by bionic man, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. G'day all. Bought this 07 bird last week from a local bloke with only 4800km on the clock (y). Being a truckie he never had the time to ride it. What a find she's like new ;)
    She has Screaming demon cans with s/s Delkevic headers. (sounds sweet) Carbon fibre dash inlay, c/f rear hugger, dark bubble screen, ventura rack & bag + full tank cover + bag. Also rear fender eliminator & trick blinkers, trick levers & bar ends.
    Today i fit a sheepskin seat cover for my bionic back & new fork seals ( They were leaking, BLACKBIRD. a downside form sitting there for so long without use) bla bla bla here's some pics some pics cheers
    View attachment 14351 View attachment 14352

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  2. I can't believe you found a guy with only 4,800 Kms on the clock...
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  3. Good find mate. My old man has a bird and he loves it. It's the matte black with gold wheels though. I find it a real easy big bike to ride. Very very smooth.
  4. Well done, looks absolutely mint. :)
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  5. What was the price?
  6. $9500 with 12 months rego
  7. for a speed missile that should run for 200k km's that's not a bad price
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  8. Great looking bike mate, CBR's are an awesome bike!!!!!
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  9. Roger that, yeah not a bad price for the amount of kays. She sure does humm like new. Your right about the 200k i test rode one in Canberra with 119000km original motor & she ran sweet as.
  10. Cheers m8. She's my 3rd roadie & all have been CBR's lol. I'm just a honda nut. Would have bought a VFR 800 nice & light handled great 2up but i wasn't impressed with the motor.
  11. Brilliant piece of kit mate...... congrats, enjoy(y)
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  12. Cheers mate, awesome Xmas pressie. Surgens said i'd never ride again haha 12 months later i'm wrestling a B/B in the twisties :)
  13. Hence the name "bionic man?" I guess you and the bike share a little in common!Good on you getting back on again ;)
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  14. Beautiful man I have always love the BB looks fantastic . That's what I call a happy new year
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  15. nice buy mate, killer piece of gear. they ride and sound great. good to hear you're riding again. have fun and stay safe.
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  16. The Super Chook doesnt even know the pillion is there, Except when your scorching, Takes a bit to pull it up, Two up,

    The lambswool seat cover is a must for those long days,
    its a great machine, It does every thing and does it well,
    Make sure your hanging on tite over 7 Grand, Its pure missile, But an extremely well behaved one, Hahahahaha
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