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My new Bird

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. I picked up my T Bird on Friday. Farking love it. Such an awesome bike to ride.... and that is an understatement... I have upgraded from a yamaha XVS650 to the 2010 T bird.

    The bike is smooth, powerful and has such presence. I love it.

    I find it easier to turn at slow speeds then the xvs. The T bird is very well balanced. And the slightest twist of the wrist and the power just pulls through. I am still running it in, but love the pick up it has, and the sound of the parallel twin. Very cool. Pipes will be going on soon I think to get the grumble and the crackle a tad louder.

    anyways, so excited. Here is a couple of pics. Not the best, but i will post more up soon.

    Any other T Bird owners on here?

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  2. Nice nice..thanks for sharing.
  3. good on ya, where did u get it, teammoto?
  4. Myself and a mate got ours from Procycles Hornsby. Quite impressed with the sales guys there.
  5. really? thought u would of went to teammoto as its down the rd from u and they are a trumpy dealer
  6. I haven't heard good things..... And my mate getting his from Procycles - I went for a test ride on their bike, and a week later had put a deposit down.
  7. Congrats on the new T-Bird!!! (y)
    Really like this bike ... but am an aeon away from stepping up to that level so will settle on looking at yours. :D