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My new bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mrfrontmount, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Just got home from picking up my 1st bike. She's an 07 model Suzuki GS500. Only got 4100 k's on her. I bought 2nd hand from Central Coast Motorcycles, and am very happy.
    Quite a nervous ride home, stalled a couple of times etc. Looking forward to getting out there.
    I have of course included photos of said motorcycle.


  2. Congrats :)

    Nice looking bike there!
  3. nice ride. LOL first thought that came to my head when i saw ur plates was shit 24-7. :LOL:
  4. Nice bike,

    I know this is bad form and all,

    check out ccsbr.net (central coast sport bike riders) when you are a bit more comfortable they regularly do group rides (many of them learner/p's days).
  5. Haha, had exactly the same thought!
  6. Congrats !!!!
  7. Lovely bike with a great motor.

    You might find this useful


    Now take care out there but have a ball. :)
  8. ride safe :grin:
  9. Very nice.
    :grin: Have fun and be safe mate
  10. Have fun with the GS! I've got one too and its great fun and economical transport. The GStwins site someone mentioned is gold.
    Cheers, David.
  11. i had a funny feeling a few people minght get a laugh from my number plate.
  12. Nice choice
    Hope you enjoy it
    Stay safe :grin:
  13. Enjoy mate and spend as much time on 2 wheels as possible.
  14. Whats with the '80' on your L plate?

    You not allowed to go faster than 80km/h? :shock:
  15. NSW law, old son. Unlike Mexico, an L plate and a P plate rider has speed restrictions, as well as capacity restrictions.

    L platers must not exceed 80, Red P Platers likewise, and Green P Platers must not exceed 100.

    L and P plate riders are likewise subject to a zero-blood-alcohol regime.

    We do not, however, have signs every six inches along our roads warning us NOT TO FALL ASLEEP, nor do we have spy-cameras booking us for half a kilometre over the limit.
  16. nice choice I had a gs500 for a couple of years, good reliable bike, and hard to kill, I clocked the odometer on mine with out the need for anything more then a regular service.

    have fun with it and stay safe
  17. hornet600: W/ skinny arse lanes, explains why I saw so many pissy mopeds [​IMG]

    mrfrontmount: Get ya full license ASAP [​IMG]
  18. I find that hard to believe :LOL:
  19. It was 90 for bike Ps in NSW, I still have a few around
  20. Good choice,
    I'm still loving mine 6 months in. I reckon it will suit me well through restrictions. I thought I would get sick of a 250 to fast.