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My new bike!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I havnt been posting that much lately, been busy with uni,gf,work,selling my bike. After my old bike was sold I waited 2 weeks for this....



    After I got the bike I feel like I need to re-learn about 40% of the stuff. Most of it is just learning how to corner with a different bike and how the bike reacts to different situations. I got quite used to it after about 3days riding it. :grin:

    Now i'm sitting at home and cant stop looking at my new bike...
  2. Looks great !

    did you buy it new?

    How fast does it move backwards? :grin:
  3. it's second hand and it has 12000km on it. It's a 07 and less than a year old.. I got it for a very good price too :grin:

    The bike cant go backwards,(I have trouble pushing it backwards) :LOL:
  4. There is nothing better than a good price. Take care of it! and ride safe.

    P.S. I can paddle mine backwards at 10 kph
  5. phwoar!
  6. wow nice looking bike dude!!!

    Something about r6's that just make me dr00l :p

    Have fun & Ride safe
  7. You need to find the reverse gear to get it to go backwards ;) :p

    Also bike looks great mate :) absolutely love those colours! whats your first thoughts on what the 07's like in terms of comfort and drivability?
    EDIT: ridability* lol
  8. Wheres the exhaust can? Or is that an optional extra?
  9. My boss got one of those about a month ago as his first bike. it was beautiful only had 1000kms on it... He binned it on sunday :( walked away without a scratch but the front of the bike was pretty much gone. Good luck with it though i love the R6s
  10. thats very hot. dont need a can on it , that little slash cut short one looks just fine to me ;)
  11. I can see why you cant stop looking at it. HOTTT.

    Exhaust is the bomb, i love slash cut exhausts/jardine GP's on sportsbikes, bike looks cleaner..All you need is a fender eliminator and clear indicators and thats it.

    Good buy.
  12. wehoo!...Now you're cooking, mate!...Slick looking bike, and they can go hard.

    Ride it carefully...take at least 3 months to get used to it before you start testing the limits, mate.

    Congratulations. :grin: :grin:
  13. Bahahaa!
  14. Keep the fender !!! PLZ !!!!

    I was riding home in the rain last week and I gave way to a black R1. it got ahead and kept flicking water at me for the next 300m. very annoying.
  15. Thats a hot looking bike. Don't you dare fall off and damage anything :p
  16. nice one :grin: take your time with it. its a big step up from the 250RR!

    btw: i think its an 06 mdl. 07 had different decals.
  17. Congrats!!

    That's a very good looking bike!
  18. Very Nice

    I'm jealous :p
  19. very, very nice bike mate. cant wait to i get me fulls
  20. Thanks guys.. hehe I sure do enjoy riding the bike (my only form of transport)

    Yea it's a my06. I know the decals are of a 06. So I think it's a 07 with a 06 decal. Previous owner did all that.