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My New Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Schwer, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. She's a light blue Kawasaki ZZR-250 with barely a scratch on her, and she's my first bike. Still thinking of a name - the rules dictate that because she's a Kawasaki, it's got to be a female Japanese name - anyone know any good ones?

    Only been for a few rides so far, still trying to get the hang of gears and clutch control (only ever driven an automatic Toyota Camry before :()... but it's still awesome fun.

    Still got to get all the gear so I can wear it all the time unfortunately :(. I want to import a Scorpion jacket from the US, but the US dollar's about to fall and I don't want to feel like a chump by buying now. I don't suppose anyone could lend me a crappy jacket for a couple of weeks? I could probably pay like $10-20 a week - I have a pretty sturdy jacket but I really doubt it'll protect me much in an off :(.

    Hope to see some of you at some coffee meets once I've learned to ride properly :).



  2. Lots of good Japanese female names. By tradition they tend to have meanings that are supportive or indicating a treasure or gift. Here's a couple.

    Aiko - The Little beloved.
    Etsu - Delight
    Nara - Has a couple of meanings one of which is "The companion"
    Nyoko - A Gem or Treasure.
    Sumi - The refined one.
    Yori - Trustworthy

    Congrats on the new bike.
  3. Congrats mate. I used to have a zzr-250 and she will go for miles if you treat her right. Make sure you lube the chain every 500km's (I use bel ray chain lube, sticks like shit to a wet blanket).

    Have fun, she looks great in that colour!
  4. Nice bike but how the fuk do you ride a camry :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  5. lol, no idea what you're talking about ;).

    Aiko - the little beloved. Sounds appropriate for a 250, still thinking though.
  6. Nice edit!!!!!! :roll:
  7. Pfft - rules are there to be broken.

    I'm trying out Thor on my Kwaka
  8. nice bike, and congrats on pics in a new bike thread.

    I plan on getting the same model for my MRS when she learns to ride.

    Also good to hear you are planning on being an ATGATT rider.
  9. Nice buy. Have fun out on the roads.
  10. Are you thor that's thuch a good idea?
  11. Looks nice, I hope you enjoy it and ride safely
  12. You have informed us of the aquisition of your new motorcycle and posted pictures.

    Well done, old son.

    I wish you many years of happy riding.

    ... not on that thing though; on your upgrade :grin:
  13. Just dropped it. Scratches all down the right fairing, no other damage :(.

    Can't believe I did it already, I was going to buy oggies today too. Crap :(
  14. Look at it this way - now you don't need to spend the rest of the time worrying about the first drop!

    I know it sounds stupid, but honestly I think it is good to get it out of the way. Especially with a learner bike.
  15. That reminds me...Ita Buttrose was at a swingers party...she grabbed a set of keys and off she went with a few blokes. After a big night she woke up in the arms of quite a large man.

    He wakes too and says 'Oh, by the way, I'm Thor'

    She says 'YOU'RE thore?!?! I'M tho thore I can barely thtand up!!!!'

    ...yeah well it loses a little something in the typing...

    OT - Nice looking bike, pretty good nik. Maybe you'd still be ahead buying the jacket now rather than losing 10-20 bucks a week 'rentin' one? Just a thought...
  16. congrats on your first bike mate,and your first drop.as long as your ok its all good.
    as for names,nancy or bruce comes to mind.