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My new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sleddog, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. I have been waiting for this bike to get to our shores since I first seen it in July and trade the M50 cruiser in on the new K8 GSX650F .
    Only picked it up this morning and still only got 30km on it so no real ride report yet as every time I get on it ,it pisses down. :roll:
    I will say its got some get up and go in it and it's bit more lean to the bars then I expected.
    Great fairing for doing the freeways ,did 15km run down the M4.
    And it does look 100% bigger and better then I hoped and I think we will have a good couple of years together learning to push it in the twistys and long days in the saddle.

    Not good at posting pictures so here's a link. :wink: .


    Cheers. Sled. :grin:
  2. Wow, you sure do like major changes of direction.

    Does look the business in black, can't wait to see it in the metal :).
  3. Congrats mate,
    Now, when are you coming on my next Oxley Run???? :wink:
  4. Congrats, it looks great. I know how bad the wait is so I can sympathize :grin:
  5. Hornet ,I like to try new things ,that why I got the cruiser while I was {and still am }learning.
    I had the GS500F for my first bike ,then the cruiser and gone back to the sports-touring set up .All in 2.5 years. :LOL:
    You know I've never brought new tyres ,I just buy a new bike :LOL: .

    Tweet ,it's funny you metioned the Oxley ,because once I did it last october , I rode the bike straight home and locked it in the garage so I wouldn't put more Km's on it and waited for this bike to make it to the dealers.
    I wanted to be on a street bike again on the Oxley, and Im just waiting for you to put the post up and I'll be puting my name down. :cool: :grin:

    Phiz, the wait almost drove me mental ,but im stoked with it and was worth the wait. :cool:

    Oh and for people that are interested in this bike ,it was $10,300 ride away.

    Seen then in QLD for $10,000 ride away ,so you get alot of bike for you money. :)
  6. Congrats Sled

    Looks great - I too am a fan of black!!

    Read a few good things about them and well worth the wait :cool:
  7. Congrats Sleddog, looks nice mate in black! Hope you have lots of fun on it mate.
  8. well i guess we wont be seeing you in the Cruiser section any more then hey Sleddog...?
  9. I didn't realise it only came in today - Congrats matey :grin:
  10. Great looking bike Brett...it's going to take some adjustment seeing you up the front of the pack now...no more cruising down the back :)
  11. Thats a huge amount of bike for the money! Once you've had a chance to ride it decently you'll have to do a review :)
  12. Very Noice Brett....congrats !

    Glad to hear the wait was well worth it for you.
  13. I hope that shiny black steed is in your bedroom & has been chamoised down, blanket over her so she can be awakened in the light of day (hopefully not raining!) so u can take her outside and give her a good flogging! Next Spanner day, Bob & I will take to her with grinder & file, mmmm!!!.
    Enjoy Sleddog.
    Tex & Bundy.
  14. Velly nirce, congrats mate :grin:
  15. Thanks for the kind words . :grin:

    We spent some time in the back streets today ,doing some U turns and quick stops ,just to get the hang of it all again on a street bike .
    Its a real easy bike to ride ,just got to get a few more km's on the new tyres and I'll be up and down the coast ,seeing how we get along in the twistys.
  16. Great bike Brett, now that you've named her Paris, you don't have an excuse when it's wet! :wink:
  17. Brett awesome bike mate as i said , but have you done that fenderectomy yet ( Bob revs the jigsaw and dons an evil grin)
  18. Well I woke last night having nightmare of Bob and his heat gun and grinder attacking my new bike.
    So down I go to my local hardware ....,Ok some call it a $2 shop ,but I get all my tools there. :LOL: .
    $2 for a hacksaw handle... it's like a knife handle and you just slide the blade in . ,and $2 for some blades and $2 for a file .
    And a black texta to blacken the edge on the cut.

    And wooollllla ! ,looks good see the above pictures. :p :wink: :grin: