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My new Bike!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zetabiker, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. hi guys!!! finally my new bike comes.....santa claus comes and takes to me under my christmas three my new baby :grin: :grin: :grin:

    APRILIA TUONO R 1000 daytona replica LIMITED EDITION :cool:

    look here!


    I LOVE HER!!!

    MOD: Next time you post a topic in all caps excited or not your post will be removed.
  2. Your new bike thread contains photos: you have avoided the wrath of Ktulu. Good job.

    Congratulations on the Aprilia. 'Tis truly a most sexy steed.
  3. [sarcasm]:shock: My God!!!, surely the punishment for such a heinous crime should be death. :roll: [/sarcasm]

    Nice bike Zeta, congrats. :)
  4. nice
    is it to replace the zed?
  5. Nice bike, glad to see more italian masterpieces :p
  6. Nice bike you have got there! One of my mates was looking at one of these and I hope he gets one!
  8. How much EUR it cost?
  9. :p the full price is 12390 eur but now we've a special offer this month and :p it's available at 10200....not bad ah? :LOL: :cool:
  11. Not bad.

    At 10200, thats about 1800 EUR less what than they sell for here :cool:
  12. looks cool.
  13. very naaaice!
  14. awesome bike man!! well done.

    on a side note. dont diss on the mods actions. at least whoever it was gave a warning and let the person know. anywayz, discussion long and far over.
    congrats on the buy mate. awesome looking bike.
  15. He didn't [​IMG]
  16. Discussion was over till you just brought it up.
    Hey maybe I'm just old fasioned but IMHO the correct way would have been to fix the offending problem then send a PM advising the defendant of their crime.
    Then again, maybe I'm the one in the wrong and a public dressing down is ops normal for NR. If it is, then I apologise in advance.
  17. Nice wheels fleabag!

    Any mods in the pipeline?
  18. nice bike im sure ur pleased as you would if u got any new bike :)