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my new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by furrycreature, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. bought it on tuesday. it's a 01 r6 19,000km and i just want to sit and stare at it all the time. i still have 20 days until i get off my Ps :evil:




    i rode it home from camden which just happened to take me through razorback :twisted:
    i cant believe how much power it has and how well it handles!
    i'm in love :grin:
  2. congrats on the new bike
    hmm 20 days can you wait haha
  3. Which will happen to be the longest 20 days in your life :LOL:....
  4. clearly he cannot lol
  5. i'm female
  6. congrats on the new bike - for all our info, how much?
  7. welcome to the world of r6's , nice bikes with great power
  8. oooo I'm jealous....Can't wait until I'm off my restrictions, just had a dream about buying an 08 gixxer 600! It was weird haha.

    Gratz on the bike though, be careful....from other male riders hitting on you :p
  9. Congrats on the new ride. I'm looking forward to upgrading but I'm really going to miss my baby bandit when I do.

    Good luck with the new baby,I hope the next 3 weeks goes quickly! :grin:
  10. :worthlesspics: of you pretending to ride the r6!
  11. Very nice. Love the colour!
  12. nice bike congrats
    they look even better up on one wheel!
  13. furrycreature, that is a very nice looking R6 you have got! I seen it on ebay a few months back. The colour looks great and matched my show cage that sits in my garage.

    Congrats and may it bring you many years of fun!
  14. Good to hear you got home with it safely. I have two questions, 1. IF you got caught would you have lost your license? and what would you have done then if you did? :p and 2. Is that custom paint or is that how they come from the factory?

    All the best with your new toy!

  15. All I can say is sucked in! I only have 14 days to wait :p . hmm but I havent bought a bike yet. :roll: Still can't decide :idea: :shock:

  16. $7500
    i don't think i would have lost my licence maybe just some points and a fine. i normally wouldn't ride it on a restricted licence but it was the easiest way to get it home.
    just sitting on it makes me grin like an idiot!
    19 days to go :twisted:
  17. Nice bike !! I was eyeing them off at the bike expo last night, but found that I'm too much of a short ar$e to ride one. Bitterly disappointed....

    Although I found that the 04/05 R6's have a lower seat height than the 07/08, but still not enuff.
  18. Can't you ride with someone who has had an Open license for over 12 months?? In Qld you can!!
  19. r6 - r1

    grouse lookin bike. well done. they are out there.ya just have to find em.I too found a gem. why not an R1 tho? more poke than the R6.If I get on a 600 now, I need to get out the whip.
  20. pretty bike.
    be careful on it, when you start riding it, and don't forget to give your boyfriend a call every few weeks to let him know you still like him