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My New Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Well for those that know me, it's been a long time since I last posted. The Ducati has gone, she's been sold :cry: I shall remember her and the loss of my big bike virginity with fondness but she was getting a bit long in the tooth and I couldn't afford the up keep. However, I am the proud owner of a brand new CB900F Hornet candy apple red in colour. A new young lover. WOOOOHOOOO :grin: :grin: Will be taking her to the Bazza Sheene ride this year and perhaps she won't run very rough in the cold at Traralgon, just like the Ducati did lst year.

  2. shit which hole did you crawl out from??? you just seemed to disappear from the boards or did you get banned :LOL:


    congrats on the new ride too
  3. Crazy! I looked at your profile/last post etc last week and was wondering how you were.

    Congrats on the bike, new bike happiness is great! :grin:
  4. Suuuuuuwwweeeeeeet. [​IMG]

    Congrats on the new ride. Rubber-side-down.
  5. Yes, I admit it, I did crawl out from under a rock. Changed roles and didn't have the free time to post. Computer blew up at home, etc, etc and therefore no posts. Last time I logged in was July, last time I posted was .....mmmm.....can't remember when.. :oops:
  6. noice work!

    awesome bike choice!
  7. Nodz has joined the Horneteers; welcome, and welcome back, mate.

  8. Congrats !!! ... and welcome back ( I assume )..
    Funny, as I was reading this thread, I was thinking .. " I bet my left ball edgelett & hornet600 will be replying .... :p :p
    .. they'd never miss a chance to greet a new "convert"
    Which reminds me, I gotta talk to em within the next 12 mths about my final choice of unrestricted bike :grin:
  9. You might be lucky; if Tash's email war with Honda MPE bears fruit, you may be able to get a nice new 2007 model 600 Hornet!!
  10. Or if you want a fellow Melbourne rider to convince you of the merits of a second hand Hornet 600, i am happy to help
  11. about 3 weeks ago I e-mailed honda about the 600 hornet and they replied

    Looks like the Hornet will be available in Australia in 2008.
    ETA on the model is Jan/Feb.
    RRP still has to be confirm closer to date of arrival.

    bugger cause I want one in nov.
  12. Hornet600 ... I'm gonna leave this to resume in about 12 mths .. when I can legally ride the hornet. :) :blah:
    I had my eye on getting a cbr600, but the hornet was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and the fact that I've heard nothing but good things about it here.... I think I may be the future owner of a cb600f .... (at least a 2001 model with a half fairing ) ;-)

    Thanks The Org !! I may just take you up on your offer :biker:
    twistngo.... What are you trying to do to me? I cant afford NEW :shock:
  13. Dont waste your money on a new one!

    Second hand Hornet 600s arent that expensive and still lots of fun

    and do let me know if you want to discuss Hornets soe time in the future
  14. might take you up on that.
    rode one at HART and loved it and I see they are cheap
    maybe we shouldn't hi jack this thread though
  15. Nice choice Nodz. Many happy hours await you, I'm sure.
    (and welcome back!)
  16. This is the Hornet 900 not the 600. Sweetly tuned motor with heaps of get up and go. Can short shift and double and triple shift up and down gears to utilise the power of the motor. Can cruise at 40kmph in 6th as well, great for those school zones. The motor is the ex-CBR919 motor, great fun :p
  17. Congrats on the new bike Nodz and also on getting back onto netrider... :)
  18. Sounds GREAT !! ...Cant wait to see the pics nodz.
    excuse the newbie question .. short-shift ???? double-triple shift??