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my new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by troy, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. hey guys and girls

    today i picked up my new bike and here it is

    got it brand new and so far its been great fun to ride

    hope to see you all on the road again soon

    sorry for it being so big but at least you will see my chessy grin lol

  2. :dance: nice new toy!!!! so does that mean Jacqui is going to get a bike now???
  3. i think she likes to sit and watch from behind

    but if she wants it im sure ill be able to get her a bike as well lol
  4. Great stuff Troy.. Enjoy your new wheels.. :cool:
  5. Congrats, Troy!!

    That looks like Mick Hone...is that where you bought it from??

    I do like the look of the MT-01...even if it is Jap :LOL: :wink:
  6. Like your engagement prezzie. :p Congrats on the new toy.
  7. hehe thanks guys
    narh i got it at lilydale
    i cant remember what they are called right now but if u ask guzzi steve who is here in this forum he will know

    and big thanks to steve as well if anyone needs a new yamaha give him a call and if u need finance as well he is the man to deal with

    i cant believe the deal i got as well

    thanks again steve
  8. mmm 1,700ccs of Yamaha grunt :).
  9. Cool new bike, troy. It will be interesting to see how it goes and handles. I know its not like anything in real life, but load it up on tourist trophy on ps2 and see what it feels like to use your new steed on a computer game! I did it when i bought my r1 last year and did'nt feel a thing when i stacked it !
  10. An MT-01! I love those things, freakin' sweet!
  11. Wow, very nice, hmmm runs to check Yamaha website for MT-01 :p
  12. Hey Troy,

    Now there's one happy Fella, Enjoy ride safe,

    sorry i couldnt be there when you picked it up but im still crook

    I'm Glad i could help


    Gonna kepp the pic another Happy customer
  13. Nice new ride Troy =P~

    Welcome back to the world of 2 wheels, if Jackie still wants a bike mine is finally just about to be advertised for sale :wink: :wink:
  14. Class unit mate - will have to suss the specs out!
  15. no fair, nice purchase, god they sound awsome

    very nice enjoy
  16. damn nice. is it v twin?
  17. * Checks mobile & inbox *

    Yeh thanks for telling me Troy icon_rolleyes. MsnSlap5_A2K37V.


    Anyways.. why the change of heart (as in what did U do to now get
    permission to buy)? :p
    Nice bike. Just what you wanted. cheergal.
  18. yes it's quite a large V-TWIN 1670cc, and the sound even with stock pipes would blow your socks off *insert smiley, gripping crouch here*
  19. Wish you and your new toy lots of happiness Troy

    Your grin looked almost bigger than the bike :wink: :LOL:
  20. what a bike... such a beast, probably my favourite currant yammy.
    Congrats mate you're gonna have a ball!