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My new bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Well i got it a few weeks ago ,but didn't have any good photos.
    It's a Suzuki M50 boulevard 800cc ,EFI, V twin, shaft drive ,no chain to clean ,check shaft oil every 5000km. :grin: .

    It gets up and goes really well ,for a cruiser of 240kg ,sits on 120km ,in the 4th and puuuuurrrrrrss.
    Does the 1/4 mile in 13 seconds, so im told I only got 400km on mine, not bad for a beast.

    Heaps of fun to throw around ,you can get into the twistys on this cruiser.
    I have added after market screen for long or hwy rides ,takes 30 seconds to put on or off ,also added BLING lights for BLING and so i can be seen, the bike it black and i got black jacket and helmet ,got to loook the part. :LOL:
    And the best part ,bugger all chrome and black mag rims.
    Check out the size of the front tyre and the pillion seat comes off ,to give it a long whooping guard look.

    Anyways heres some pic's if you want to see a power cruiser. :wink:


  2. ah very nice and shiny.... looks like a nice comfy ride. You didn't take any pics with the pillion seat off either.

    Have fun on your new toy

    cheers stewy
  3. Nice big beastie there, have fun!
  4. Now thats a beast! Nice one Sleddog, see what you mean about the front tyre :shock:
  5. Niiiiiiiiice. Is the front tyre stock?
  6. Yeah mate its stock .
  7. Nice bike, I like it a lot.
  8. Nice bike mate. Your right about the front tyre. That is some seriously thinck profile rubber! :grin:
  9. OOH HAA
    Nice looken bike!

  10. :shock: :applause: SEEEXXYYYYY Beast you have there :beer:
    Love it :dance:
  11. whats the profile on that front tyre? looks as wide as a treetrunk, and about a 90 profile!
  12. looks good.

    what drew you to this, as opposed to a harley?
  13. woah dude that bike looks fat. in a good way. lovin it. its fat all over and like you said not too much chrome, but enogh to make it |->BLING<-| (i blinged out the word)

    nice ride man. thumbs up (y)
  14. Cheers guys ,im having alot of fun with it ,still not sure if im a cruiser rider ,or a sports bike rider ,but im having fun testing different bikes out.

    mism... the tyre size is a 90/130-16 .

    Joel , If they made a bike in my budget they would of been on my list ,with all the other brands.
    I wouldn't buy the speedster ,and not enjoy it ,just so i could say ...yeah i ride a harley .

    Cheers and beers
  15. I want a Yamaha Warrior.
    That is the cruiser I will buy "one day".

    Edit: here's a pic! Sex on toast.
  16. Too sexy, i can see myself crsing to the beach on that one... I cant wait till I have a middle aged crisis to get one :LOL: I'm still on teh 1/4 life crisis toy...
  17. understood, good point.
    you shoulda test-rode a few harleys to see what the difference is, aesthetically there is no great difference, power - i only ever rode a harley (in the cruiser range), and handling - as before.
    would be intreresting to hear the difference - anyone?

    if, given the above were comparable or equal of course the harley is a better buy (if you have the dough) due to resale value.
    if you dont want to outlay so much cash then your m50 looks the better buy for jap-reliability and to be honest it looks nice.

    have fun dude