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My New Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Honda Phantom, Jan 18, 2006.

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  2. Wow nice bike mate, congrats!
  3. Sweet as ride :cool:

    What's with the squidding though???

    And on something like the citylink, geez ur game !!!!

    Enjoy it tho :p
  4. Isn't the ZXR250 a grey import ? :\ ... How is it your first "Aussie Bike" ?
  5. Why did you even bother with the helmet ?
    Wouldnt be much left if you came of riding it home.
    Good looking bike all the same......good work
  6. wots wrong wif his helmet?
  7. He was commenting on the lack of any other protective gear so if he was to come off the helmet wouldn't really help much.
  8. Sorry mate. Understood when I re-read ya post :oops:

    Initially thought u were saying theres something wrong
    wif his helmet.

    Well the helmet would only keep him alive but the rest
    of him would need replacing :eek: :grin:

    I've been guilty of riding bare (when its hot). Usually to
    & from work which is only 3km from home :oops:
    but most of the time I make the effort to put my summer
    jacket & on at the very least
  9. nice bike, nice :squid: too

    hopefully both make it home without a scratch on them :)
  10. Nice bike :), i always likes that sticker/colour scheme on the zx2's
  11. I had a Honda Dream scooter & a Honda Phantom cruiser, when i was in Thailand and South East Asia. A ZXR2 is MUCH different to the scooter (haha)
  12. :LOL: Slight difference! ;)

    Nice ride. What's the dealership warranty? As kde said... it's a grey... didn't think you'd get any warranty with them? At least it's a Kwaka. :D