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My new bike.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by scorpscdr, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. scorpscdr submitted a new showcase item:

    My new bike.

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  2. Must admit, those Hyosung Aquilas do look really nice
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  3. Peter Stevens Dandenong!
  4. Awesome fun bike, loved mine, miss it actually, one of the quickest cruisers u can get. Drill a few holes in the exhaust to give it abit of a rumble.
  5. Must say, so far so good. Will be looking at options for exhaust, any recommendations?
  6. If u like the look of your current exhaust but want it louder I drilled a few holes in mine. I was really pleased with the added growl it gave it and cost me nothing. If u are interested I can give u a detailed run down on what I did
  7. Ok cheers, sounds good.

  8. You gotta be careful drilling holes in exhausts bro - I recommend against it.
    If metal shards are left in the exhaust and back pressure sucks them up into the cylinders then you are in for a lot of trouble.
    Not to mention warranty issues in the future...

    I'd recommend waiting till you are no longer restricted and on your next bike, your big bike, then do the mods like pipes.

    If you must do it now - buy a set of proper pipes.
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  9. Appreciate it Fa1c0n, I was just curious to see what basejumper had done. I've seen a few mods done on YouTube, but am no way going to attempt. It was simply a case of curiosity. Although I am considering adding some louder pipes at some stage. As it may be quite few years down the road before I can get a bigger bike.
  10. I assume the end game is a Harley Davidson?
  11. You assume correctly......
  12. Goooooooood Gooooooooood....... The dark side is strong with this one.
  13. You should be able to get a second hand sportster for approx 14k or less mate.
    Just save your pennies and get one as soon as you are off restrictions.

    I guarantee you wont have the hyosung a minute longer than you are legally required to.
  14. Yes
    You're probably right, I do quite like the look of HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sportster Seventy-Two (XL1200V), and the HARLEY-DAVIDSON XL1200N Nightster, but we shall see how it pans out.

  15. When you go to PS to buy your HD, they will tell you that if you want speed you gotta go to the big engines. It's BS - The sportster is what you want.
    I have the "Forty Eight" which is the same engine as the "Seventy Two".
    It is great.... :)

    Also the nightsters are bad ass. The Forty Eight is kinda the new Nightster.

  16. Get some Vance and Hines straight throughs.............then attach them to another bike.
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  17. .................couldn't help myself.............
  18. Uh huh, thanks BitSar......lol
  19. Need a new laptop - just spat coffee over mine.

  20. I have also been holding myself back, I am glad someone said it! HAHA :p

    Any bike is better than no bike though.
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