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My New Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by maccab36, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Picked up my new bike Tuesday from Teammoto Virginia.

    Compliments my other bike, '84 Suzuki Katana 750

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  2. Congrats! also welcome to NR!
  3. Can't see that smile leaving your face for a long time matie (y) enjoy!
  4. I want to see pics of the Katana. [-(
  5. Here's a pic of my KAT :)

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  6. Sitting in my garage :) Now that I have the GSX-R, the KAT will be a project bike that I plan to bring back to concours condition.

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  7. Two shit boxes in your shed now.
    Im up to eleven,long live shit box collectors.
  8. Nice. Hopefully your Kat restoration won't drag on as long as mine has.

    Unusual to see one with the full fairing. I've only seen one or two low-res photos with the lower fairings and often wondered if it was a factory option or something aftermarket. You don't know the origin of yours by any chance?
  9. Very, Very Cool. You will need a new helmet too!

    One massive smile is not gonna fit your current lid ;)
  10. My lower fairing is an aftermarket fairing (Fibreglass) I have seen a genuine one on e-bay.

    As for the restoration, it's 99% there so only a few little details to finish her off.
    * New Brake Lines
    * New Number plate light
    * Find a few missing decals

    Once finished I plan to enter it in a few bike shows, see how she goes :)