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My New Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by kkwall36, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Bit the Bullet and bought my first bike in OZ.

    Looked around at several touring style bikes and really liked this Hyosung.

    Have been riding it for a couple of weeks now and love it.
    May not be the "Classiest" bike on the street, but can do everything I need it to and more.


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  2. hey mate great looking bike there.

    how do the new EFI bikes go?
  3. Cheers mate.
    EFI is good, pick up and acceleration are steady and smooth.
    Not the fastest bike in the world but it's perfect for me.
  4. Despite their reputation, I like the look of the Hyo's. Nice one.
  5. Well I do feel that they get a bit of a bad rap!
    Apparently they have improved greatly over the past years.
    Hopefully I won't run into any problems down the line.
    Time will tell!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I had an early one when on my P's - my advice is find a dealer/mechanic who knows them well. Mine was reliable for the 2 years I had it :)
  7. Cheers ozchris,
    I will be using stafford motors on bell street, Heidelberg .
    They appear to have good reviews on the site and having spoke to the owner a couple of times when I considered buying a new one, he seams to be an alright bloke.
    Will put it in for a service in a month and take it from there.
  8. +1 for Staffords, I used them too :)
  9. Enjoy your ride. Good-looking bike!
    What size/year is it? And is that an after-market exhaust I see?
  10. Hi Ozchris, Did you find staffords good to deal with etc?

    Hoski, its a GT650S , 2010 - LAMS model, and yes the exhaust is not factory fitted!
    I have the original which came with the bike when I bought it. May decide to put the original back on. The current one is a little Loud!!!!!
  11. Yes I found staffords to be great with the Hyosung; I had an '03 GV250 the one with all the bad press on engines issues. They looked after the bike real well. :)
  12. yeah they're fine, had my 07 GT250R for 20,000kms and it never missed a beat. great for learning to ride a physically big bike before upgrading made the transition smooth for me
  13. Cheers, I feel better knowing that they are a good outfit.
  14. I owned a 2004 250. Never had engine dramas, but the rear master cylinder seized once. Considering the price I reckon they are a pretty solid choice, especially if their build quality has improved.

    Just looked up the stats, your Hyo (if it were unrestricted) is more powerful than my old Suzuki 650 (the Jap equivalent I suppose), but the hyo is also 30kg heavier. And the colour is 'hot chilli red"!

    Any other changes planned aside from reverting to the standard pipe?
  15. The bike is still restricted.
    I'am on my L's and taking it very easy. Used to have a bike in the UK mannnnnnny years ago and have come back to it for some rectreational activity.

    No major changes planned just yet. Planning on fitting an alarm at somepint, although it will always be kept under lock and key, it may be left unattended from time to time outisde a coffee shop or two!

    Will eventually fit a bag/saddle bags holder on the back, but that will be a long term thing.
  16. When your used to the bike, remove the restrictor. Your chances for being pinged on it and almost non existant and it's apparently quite easy to do with some basic tools.

    I also advise on some sliders, the 650's are prone to severe damage to the water pump if you drop it on the right side, even a stationary drop.
  17. Well I have now had the bike for around 3 mths.
    Have only done around 2,500 ks, but everyone of them has been very enjoyable.
    Really getting used to the bike now.
    Was a little daunted by the size and power at first, but getting to grips with it and am now very comfortable.
    Have loaded some new photo's. See below.
    Will be going for my license soon. But still practising and playing around in care parks until then.

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  18. Only from what others have said, I concur with getting some engine protection too. And despite the significant improvement in overall quality in the last couple of years, I'm STILL hearing of clip-ons snapping off when the bikes have a stationary drop, even. Seems the Koreans still have a way to go with their metallurgy.

    Anyway, enjoy the ride; the fact that the bike is LAMS but a full-sized bike has always been a big plus in my eyes.
  19. Yeah,

    Cheers everyone.
    I'll certainly get some sliders.
    This'll be my next purchase.

  20. great looking bike mate, well done