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My new bike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Cronus, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. So after a few long years i finally did it, bought me a newer bike
    I got a 2008 CBR600RR with 19,000kms and it is fantactic, very clean very tidy and was very happy with the price, ridig it is just outstanding I absolutly love it.
    and definately will be spending a lot of time idling around.

    I bought wanting to do a lot more track work but having it makes me not want to F)$& it up, has anyone else had this problem?

    heres some pics of bike sale and the last one i took

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  2. Very nice, you must be chuffed
  3. lots of people have that issue - buy a nice bike and aim to do some track, but then get too anxious about breaking it.

    they generally just buy something big and older at a decent price and have the two bikes.

    looks wicked :D congrats!
  4. thanks guys, yeh i love it!
  5. Well done Cronus, very nice looking beast...and in black ? Great Success !
    Happy, safe riding aboard the beastie (y)
  6. What a gorgeous bike - congratulations Cronus - I'm jealous!

  7. That's a beautiful looking bike. It looks great in black. Enjoy!!
  8. test rode one of these the other day. sounds pretty horn around 8krpm. mind if i ask you a ballpark figure you picked it up for?
  9. Fabulous looking machine. Nice one.
  10. Nice bike Cronus,

    I to went through the same anxiety you did when I got my "new" bike this year. I was motivated to buy it by a couple of track days on my lil'ol 250 and was nervous as hell when I first hit the track with the new baby. But tell you what... I had a blast! The difference in feel, response & speed was AMAZING! I still smile to myself when I think about that day. So all in all, hit the track, take it slow & easy until you get into your groove, learn what you're capable of and start to explore how your new baby "talks" to you.

    Then hit the track some more! I did/do....
  11. Yeh parko thanks man, I deffinately will and I have rode a gixxer600 on the track and loved it, but its different when its yours i guess lol. I know where my weakness' lie but thats why im gonna hit the superbike school before anything else.

    Chrissy, I paid 9grand for it which i thought was great just needa get rego so a little more after that, but with that price and seeing the others around and inspecting a few i didnt wanna sit on my hands plus the nice slip on helped seal the deal...lol

    Thanks guys i really am in love with her, whats reccommended on security side?
    I called my favoured store and they use MOTORADAR and for $249 it has alarm immobilizer and GPS tracker i thought that was prettty good, you?