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My new bike thread *with pics*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RED ZX, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hey all, just thought I would brag, cos it feels great to have a bike.

    I went to the insurance write off auctions and bought a 1993 ZXR 750.

    Plan is to 'fighter it, and enjoy basically.

    so, time for a crappy phone pic:

    without its plastics
  2. did you get a vehicle damage report?
  3. Nice one, good luck with the fighter build. Coconuts had a ZX7R fighter on here ages ago, it looked tough as nails.

    Get nice high bars for it, those old 750s are back-breakers!

    Oh, and naturally, make sure you consult the oracle:
  4. Cool!

    Those kwakas never die.
    Should be a good project.
  5. how much did it set you back? im trying to stop myself getting another fighter project

    edit: nevermind saw your post on asf. bargain
  6. Ive got a 93 750 as well, theyre great bikes, im sure youll enjoy it.
  7. I paid $1100 for it for anyone who is wondering.

    I am already a member over at ASF, under the same name.

    The bike is listed as a repairable write off, and I have a REVS check for it with a clear title.

    I will just be using the stock bars to get it on the road, while i plan the next lot of mods including high bars, but the reach to the bars is not that bad for me, I am 6' 5"
  8. Bargain..
    Is the rear hugger PINK?? :shock:
    Good size bike, i personally think something has to be done with the rear plastics/seat area. Cause its big and not having any front/side fairings it'll look funny.

    A nice custom single seat moulding or go to a wrecker and grab a nicer one off another bike.

    Congrats on gettin a bike, exciting isn't it.
  9. Nice. Some new paint to cover up the 90s kwakaness and it'll be awesome.
  10. bike will be getting a quick coat of matte black before it hits the road, including the rear wheel and hugger, just gonna get it regoed with the seat unit thats on there, then I will look into another tail, or possibly make my own.
  11. nice one

    gotta love the kwakas :)
  12. $1,100 for a bike, that's seems pretty good value. Streetfighters are cool
  13. Well done mate, nice buy. Looks like it'll be a great project.
  14. It started for the first time today!!!


    it sounds nice, very loud, very very nice, ooh the scream of a jap i4.

    Problem is a dead fuel pump, used a bottle to gravity feed the carbs, off to kawasaki on monday to order a new fuel pump.

    Its so exciting!!

    Just had to share my proud moment.
  15. I have one as a track bike for a older bike it really is a great stable ride enjoy :grin: