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My new bike. "take 2"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by agttr, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. I picked up my 900 Hornet last week, for the second time, after my mishap just over a month ago. Been riding my Spada in the meantime the past few weeks, which has certainly helped to keep me sane, and am happy as Larry in getting the Hornet back. It hasn't been all bad on the Spada as she got me and my missus to the GP and back without a hiccup. She definitely proved me wrong as I doubted she'd cope. (The Spada, not the missus, although she coped pretty well too).

    Anyway, without wanting to bring the wrath of Ktulu upon me here's a couple of pics. (Truth be told, I couldn't help thinking that me failing to post up an image originally, may have brought me undone.) Beware the curse.



    One thing I'd like to do is change the stock bars as I'm not a big fan of the completely upright position. On those that have changed them, how 'low' are ultra lows?
  2. Awesome lookin bike mate well done.
  3. Aaah the Hornet 900.

    Quite possibly the best bang-for-buck new motorcycle you can buy.

    Good stuff! And thanks for posting pics :)
  4. Nice :) Go the lower bars for sure IMO.
  5. ZZR250 -> SV650 -> CBR929RR
    [35hp -> 70hp -> 150hp]

    kawasaki 250
    suzuki 650
    honda 900

    whats next

    the most likely choice is Yamaha R1
  6. My one's an '02.

    As for "bang-for-buck", my "bang" :( in Aug did cost a shedload of "buck" :shock: to get back on road so a thumbs up for comp insurance from me. The guys (and girl) at Jeffrey Honda did a great job.
  7. Hi Jorge, like the pipes, what are they?

    I received my Renthal Ultra Lows last week. Fitted them on Saturday. Went for a quick run on Sunday and a 180km's blast in the hills on Monday morning. What a difference to those awefull OEM "ape hangers"!! The bike feels so much sharper, I feel much more comfortable, etc. It just feels right.

    I took a few pics, will upload later, as the bar end weights are a temporary fix. (still using the OEM ones)

    Will take some pics to show you what I did to make the OEM ones work. I did not bother with the Renthal bar ends, as that is exactly what they are: bar ends only, bugger all weight to them.
  8. The pipes are Madaz, from here in Melbourne. Already on the bike when I got it.

    Sounds like you've struck a winner with the Ultra Lows. I find the more I read peoples posts about them, the more convinced I am I'll go through with them. I prefer a slight lean over the tank.
  9. Naw, need to get double the blade's power, so 300 crank hp. Turbo busa? :grin: Actually I wouldn't be suprised if I go for a 1000cc twin, or maybe the VFR1000 if it ever comes out ehehe.
  10. heh!

    I just got my lovely Hornet back from Jeffrey's as well, after a little mountain prang with my housemate!

    I'm also considering Renthals, but I've got an 8000km round trip up to FNQ coming up next month so I thought I'd leave the (more comfy?) stock bars on... good idea? I'll be doing 500km days one after the other and just figured the upright posi would be better...

    The bike's looking great btw!
  11. i've got some 800 wide bars on my hornet

    it leans you forward a little, and wind noise increased a little, but the leverage is awesome, now it's even easier to throw it around. best investment ever.

    bar end mirrors are way better than the standard ones too.

    but the wide bar and mirrors made it too wide to get into some gaps.

    takes about a day to get used to, but i wouldnt go back.
  12. Niiiice :cool:

    Its funny about the bars, my mate has just ruined a perfectly good ZX9R putting renthal bars on it to make it unsporty and your trying to lower yours. My mate should have just bought an old hornet..

  13. Very impressive, pictures say a thousand words :p

    Good luck with it mate :grin: