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My new bike - Suzuki VX800

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dub, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Picked it up yesterday.

    1990 Suzuki VX800



  2. Congrats!!! Very nice and clean bike!!
  3. Very nice indeed. Spada for big people!
  4. Geez thats pretty tidy mate, congrats.

    Good luck with it :grin:
  5. At 6'7'' I can confirm, it definately is comfy for big people
  6. My goodness, for 18 years old it's been VERY well looked after :shock:

    Congrats :).
  7. very nice, any photos from the rear?
  8. I might have to buy her a few more drinks first, I'll see what i can do :LOL:
  9. Very nice. Looks like it's had at least one owner who cared. I don't remember them being quite so extensively "drilled for lightness" stock, and those bars look aftermarket.

    I always fancied a VX but couldn't even think of affording one when they were new.
  10. All the work has been done prior to me (obviously as i only picked it up on Thursday), the guy I bought it from only had it for 2 months for a riding holiday, so I think the work was done by the owner prior to him. There was personalised plates on it prior to coming to the ACT, so i'm assuming this was the owner who cared and did the work.

    I think it is pretty stock apart from the bars and 3 holes drilled in each exhaust endplate (and the "lightness" work :)). I'm not overly "techy" on the model but have been in contact with somebody who seems to be, so hopefully he may be able to fill me in if anything else has been done to it.