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My New Bike - Street Triple

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rogue13, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]



    First ever ride this morning apart from bringing it home,
    had it since Wednesday but due to bad weather only got out today,
    went through the National Park - awesome.

    My mates BMW K1200S next to me.
  2. Very nice. Black seems to be by far the most popular colour, followed by white.
    Planning on changing the cans?
  3. Seeing the Street Triple uses a lot of the Dayts parts, I have always wondered why they didn't use the radials on the front. using the same brakes across the whole range would mean less manufacturing costs.

    Cool bike.
  4. The Street uses different forks to the Daytona, so the mounting points for the brakes are different anyway.
  5. Didn't think about that. Spose you want some softer suspention on the triple.
  6. Thanks.
    One of the nicest surprises was the look and sound of the stock cans,
    was on top of list of mods - not anymore though.
    Will wait until the arrow slip ons and others are available locally,
    see the output figures then decide - as I said no rush.

    Have ordered front cowl, belly pan, seat cowl, rear hugger and
    carbon tank pad - should have it within a week
  7. Any reason for starting this thread when a Street Triple thread has been running since the 22nd of March, last year???
  8. There are threads on a lot of different models on this forum,
    but people still post new purchases all the time - what's the problem?
  9. Well there's only one other thread on THIS model, but that's ok, enjoy :).
  10. Nice bike and one of my favourites....the K1200S that is. :grin: the triple isn't too bad either :grin:
  11. i think the thread should be renamed "My New Bike - Street Triple" to avoid confusion. :oops:
  12. congrats!
    did you have to wait long?
  13. Noice. Noice.
  14. PS Melbourne had one out the front on Sat (sold) with the Arrow system on it, so they must be available (?).
    It was gorgeous. My decision is made :grin: (My funding is not! :cry: )
  15. If I decided next month to buy new instead of used I'd probably get a street triple. There are way too many supersports on the street but I want decent suspension and a nice engine. Not many naked bikes below 1000 cc fit the bill.
  16. The New Honda 600 Hornet does.....
  17. so so so so so jealous
  18. Thanks guys.

    Yeah I waited 134 days for delivery - deposit went down 1st week of September 07 got it 16 of Jan 08 -

    From what I've read the new hornet is a better all rounder, but
    for fun factor the Speed Triple is the way to go followed by the
    Suzuki GSR-600.

    Totally wrapped with it - pulls like a freight train from 3000rpm -
    mid range is off the charts. it's comfortable and handles extremely well.
  19. What you probably saw was the Arrow low boy (side exhaust)
    What I'm waiting for are the Arrow Slip ons - these replace the
    existing cans with under seat dual arrow cans - available April.
  20. sex on wheels. i want one. Only 11 months and 2 weeks till off resctrictions