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my new bike (soon)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Androo, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. I've decided on my next bike and I should be picking it up this week :D

    It's a 95 "B" model ZX-9R. Here's a pic:
    warning: not dial-up friendly

    I decided on this model mainly coz it seems like a good upgrade from my 600 - big and comfy since I do a lot of commuting and not too expensive :)

    I even like that it's comparatively heavy coz it feels so stable on the road and has heaps of power to push it around anyway :D
  2. Sweet.
    Be aware that there were some gearbox probs with this model, but many were fixed by the big K under warranty (I believe this was discussed in another thread)
    Hope you enjoy it, it looks great, good colour scheme too.
  3. very nice mate!.. and what time will you be dropping it off at my place? :D

    /me dreams
  4. yeh I was a bit wary about the gearboxes. I took it for a nice long ride and it feels good - shifts are a nice click, no missed shifts or anything. hopefully I wont have any trouble :roll:

    I would.... but you're too far away ;)
  5. What did you do with the YZF?? did you sell it??
  6. I totalled it doing wheelies :roll:

    just kidding - it's for sale :)
  7. That's a really nice-looking bike. Don't think I've seen one in that colour scheme before, but it suits it v.well. :)
  8. smart looking stead there mate, enjoy the new ride

    Cheers 8)
  9. Nice :D . I recommend yoshi pipes for the zx9 to , sweet sound.
  10. thats my job.. :?
  11. yeh they're awesome :D but they're soooooooo expensive :(
  12. Nice to see you found what you were after matey,it looks a nice and clean example for its age,hope it treats you well.Also,Akrapovic exhausts sound best on ZX9s,but they arent any cheaper than Yoshis,lol! :D
  13. I picked up the bike today :) lets just say I'm not disappointed :D

    its not as refined as the thundercat and I'm looking forward to giving it a service and stuff to make sure all is good, but yeh.. sweeeet :D
  14. Well done Androo, well done.
  15. Well done, that's a sweet looking bike :)
  16. nice looking bike..!
  17. Very nice mate!!

    :D :D
  18. Very nice indeed.

  19. Nice one 'droo! :D

    Worth the 2nd trip to Rosebud by the looks!