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My new bike "Now w happy snaps"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by boo, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Shortly after selling my 250 a mth ago, I realised how easy it is to go insane when u dnt have a ride to help "blow off some steam". :mad:
    Greatful I was to scumbag who let me jump on the back of the ducati & share cejays maiden voyage w his new toy. :grin:
    Miserable was how i felt when I crash my only remaining form of transport :nopity: (on the way to Horsham) to chk out a set of wheels.
    Fortitous were the circumstances that booga was in melton to drive me home (I still owe u a blt of red 4that).
    Stranded is the word I would use to describe the fact that my push bike had a flat inner tube, thanks cejay-just let me know how much I owe u for those.
    Most humbled i was when banga lent me his totally "fitted out" turbo diesel (takes speed humps @ 20km's) van, all the way to Horsham to pick up...
    MY NEW BABY!!! :biker:

    2004 600RR black n red, I've named it JET sponsored by R.E.A.A:wink: (for those of u who know me).
    Hopefully by wednesday there shld be some photo's up on the Tuesday night coffee thread...
    Topping off my "you'd never have guessed it week" I was lucky to meet Rosie (top chick) & spend some time w Brother G & Bangr/latte munkey down at the island.
    Wot an amazing couple of weeks filled w the most incredible Netrider people, thanks to eveyone who has helped me in one way or another, I am truly appreciative!
  2. Grats on teh new wheels boo.

    Get them pics up so we can all have a drool.
  3. Congrats on your new ride boo :applause:
  4. Re: Amazing group of Netriders & new bike!!!

    Pictures are needed, hopefully we will get to drool over it, :LOL: :LOL:
    at tues night coffee.

    Was a pleasure to have you on the back of the old girl, you are more than welcome anytime.
  5. Congrats on the new baby boo! :woot:

    I have to work till about 9 tomorrow night so won't see it at Boronia. Am hoping someone might put up pics for you so I can see the precious new addition to the netrider family. [-o< :grin: :grin:
  6. Congratulations, now let's see the pics! :grin:
  7. Congrats! There's nothing like a shiny new bike :grin:
  8. OK, so the camera is needed for tomorrow?

    Congrats on the bike Boo, it sounds like you've had a shite enough time these last couple of weeks.

    So, now you've got wheels, you think it needs a bit of a workout?
  9. Congrats!!
  10. "Connecting Riders"; works every time :wink:
  11. Are u kidding CJ! After the 12hr drive round trip, it was all I cld do to get "Jet" out of the van & scrub in those tyers!!!! Yeah baby!!!!

    A funny thing....
    "warning-spiders were killed during the making of this story"
    This morning whilst (slowly) lane splitting up the hwy through road works a bloody huntsman comes out frm my right hand fairing (i guess it was getting too hot) runs ova my leg :shock: & around my waist up & under my top *#>!
    Screaming like a banchee I pulled ova & started ripping off my jacket, some dude in a ute thought I'd been hit & (kindly) asks me if I'm ok.
    But laughs n drives on when he see's me plant my foot on the hairy bugger! (it was no hush puppies add w the kinky spider I can tell you!!!)
    :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Cool story boo,
    congrats on the new bike.
    CBRRRRRR yum.
  13. Hey Boo! Have fun being back on a bike again... :grin: It's good stuff. Happy for you! :) As you saw, I couldn't go 2 days without mine.. :rofl:

    Rosie - P.s. I forgot to ask you, can I join this R.E.A.A? [-o< I did quite a lot of work for them at the track on the weekend. :wink: :grin:
  14. Are u kidding girl! Afta meeting u down at the island ur not only a member but a much treasured scout!! :wink:
  15. You killed the spider??? :shock:
    You do realise that was the only thing turning over the crankshaft? No wonder you had to stop. :p

    Congrats on the new ride. Be careful out there, luck doesn't seem to be favouring you lately.
  16. Cheers Rotorcycle, but I think my luck is turning around. :grin: Besides, I think I'm very lucky to have meet such wonderful people in recent weeks.
  17. awwww, you're so sweet...!

    and we likewise for having met you.. :)

    now, let me go find a bucket somewhere!

    when we going riding?
  18. Now that I've given you time to let your stomach settle, how abt after the the Netrider BBQ on saturday? I've got a Stay up Right course in Hoppers on sunday. Hoppers... Where the hell is that anyway? I gotta get me a tomtom!
    If u cld bring ur camera 2coffee that wld b great :grin:
    I tried to arrange one of those V8 super cars chickie babes 2 stand in the photo w "Jet" 2moro, but their 2busy binge eating now that the race is ova :LOL:
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  20. Hehehehe I always like to look! :oops: Great bike, nice ladies, but there are some really ugly shots of this big bloke in a blue shirt that just "take away" some enjoyment from the whole experience.... :p

    Then again Boo you could whack a couple of them up in "Guys on Bikes...".... :grin: