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My "new" bike, kwaka zx-9r 1999

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by disassembled, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to crap on about my new wheels.

    Purchased a 1999 kwaka zx-9 in blue. Picking up on saturday if all goes to plan.

    I was out looking for a relatively comfortable sportsbike on a fairly tight budget, and have settled on the zx9.

    From what i've read they're a good bike, and the 98 onwards models lost alot of bulk. I think they're about 211kg wet.

    Anyway, i had been looking at thunderace's, but most on the market are absolute crap, they seem like a nice bike otherwise.

    Took the zx9 for a test ride yesterday, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Apart from bucket loads of power on tap (relative to what i'm used to), it had a much nicer feel than the thunderace, faster turn in, lighter handling and easier to ride. Perhaps not as comfy as the ace, however i think it will be much more fun. The zx9's brakes don't seem to be nearly as good as the ace's, however i think a bleed may improve them slightly, maybe some better pads and braided lines would help too.

    The particular bike i have purchased is blue in colour, has a double bubble screen and akrapovic slip on. It appears to have been crashed at some point, given away by the slight dent in the tank, but for what i'm paying i don't really care. It still looks very nice anyway.

    Here's a piccy i took on my phone, i'll take some proper ones after i've picked up the bike.

  2. Don't worry about those brakes - bleed em and do the pads and if nothing's too worn down those massive 6-piston calipers can really do the business.

    I think you've got a ripper bike there, I wouldn't mind owning a later model ZX9, they're a good comfy sportsbike, which is a category that doesn't exist any more - and yet somehow they seem to sell for peanuts. Rock on!
  3. What pads would you recommend?
  4. EBC HH are what I'm using at the moment.
  5. I used EBC on my Hyosung, they were great. Pity about the rest. :wink:

    A quick question what kind of price did you pay for this bike?
  6. Grats man, nice bike!
  7. $5800
  8. Haha peanuts indeed. What a bike for the money!
  9. The pinnacle of practical sports riding for $5800... it's blasphemy I tells ya!! :grin:

    Nice bike :)

    I think the '98 won IBOTY. The '99's basically the same bike.

    By the way, ZX9's crash well.
  10. Cool, Matti adds to list of possible bikes for later this year! That is a shitload of bike for that kind of money. :cool:
  11. Welcome to the Kwaka family, and especially the 9 family. :twisted:
  12. Nice bike! If you don't mind me asking, what did you upgrade from?
  13. Upgraded from a cbr250rr. Handing that over to my girlfriend for her L's now.
  14. Calm deep breaths Robbio. Calm deep breaths. You can't hog them all.

  15. wow fantastic looking bike for the money you paid for it, I am tossing up between one of these and a similar year honda 900RR for me once I am off my restrictions, leaning more towards the kwaka as it looks more capable in the long trips department. $5800 is a really good price but I suppose that little dent in the tank could have been a point to raise when negotiating price :grin:
  16. The dent didn't hurt my bargaining. That said it actually shows up more in the photos then it does in person. I didn't spot it the first time i looked at the bike, but it showed up in the photos i took. Had a look and sure enough, there's a dent in the tank...
  17. Sweet bike, and sounds like a pretty good price too, well done :grin:
  18. they're pretty quick too! i think it was said to do 10.3sec down the 1/4!!!

    not bad for a 9 year old bike i say!!!

    looks comfy too.

    congrats on the purchase, and remember, shiny side up!
  19. Well, after a day of play on the kwaka i can say this...

    I bloody love it!

    Comfortable, Handles sweet (I swear it's more responsive than the 250rr), The akrapovic pipe sounds sex when you open it up, it's very smooth to ride, love the torque curve and smooth acceleration. Accelerating at WOT is a spiritual experience... :D

    Plus nothing but compliments all day.

    Only problem was the blue fingers i had on my throttle hand after coming home from wisemans this evening.
  20. I want one :cry: