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My New Bike - Kawasaki Vaquero

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by dracomjb, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Finally decided to upgrade my Kawasaki VN900 Custom, love that bike, I've just not been enjoying riding in all weathers any more. So high on my list of options was - protection from the weather.

    My local dealer has had the Kawasaki VN1700 Vaquero on their floor for a while, managed to get a pretty good deal on it and finally took the plunge.

    I've done about 550kms, and still getting used to the extra size and weight.

    Photos here with a couple of comparison shots of the two -

    Things I'm loving - the saddlebags - being able to bring along my regular work bag without having to unpack things for when I'm catching the train is excellent. I don't have to worry too much about leaving things inside when filling up with fuel or popping into the shops compared to the rack bag I had on the VN900.
    The protection from the elements. It's not perfect, especially if traffic slows down, but it's a lot better.

    Things I'm not sure about yet - the size and weight. I nearly dropped it manoeuvring to get off the pavement down a sloping bit of driveway to the street, the angle caused the bike to nearly drop away from me, managed to catch it but woah. Also parked it on Little Lonsdale near Queen, facing downhill because the pavements are tiny, but there must have been a bit of a slope towards the road because when I went to leave I couldn't get the leverage while sitting on the bike. I had to get off, lift it upright and while balancing it upright climb on. Not fun the first day I got it.

    Things that are pretty good - cruise control, not really getting all the benefits but it's nice.
    - seating position, it's definitely a bit more relaxed.
    - it has a radio, bit hard to hear when cruising along the western highway.
    - ABS and k-act - seems like reasonable safety bits.

    Overall, I like the bike I just wish it wasn't so heavy.
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  2. Lol! I know what you mean D. I have a Triumph Storm 1700 and a Yamaha Roadliner 1900 and both are heavy mothers. But the Triumph has this bloody propensity to want to turn in and lay down if I'm slowing down and the front wheel's not straight. Mighty heaves on the bar to keep her up as well. Kudos to you my friend. Big bike, big presence and an absolute treasure out on the highway me thinks.
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  3. Nice. Guess that gives you a bit of presence on the road.
    Do they come with hydraulic rams fitted to help lift if it does end up on it's side?
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  4. Either that or two Arnies pop out of the panniers to help right the beauty. She is a big girl but does have nice lines. Don't know if I could or would try riding her in City traffic so cudos to you.
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  5. there are ways to make the VN900C bit better too: Although this isn't mine (sorry I could not link my own photos) - look is similar. I have full HD batwing mounted and hard bags off 1988 Honda gold wing! My only critique of the bike is that it really needs a 6th gear!
    the [​IMG]
  6. Having had a VN900 Classic I will agree wholeheartedly another gear would have been a godsend. Pic attached. (Just wondering what the cat bell attached to the blue one is about?)

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  7. oh the bell.it might be another way to scare off the roos (wait, there are none in America).......I really do not get why Kawasaki did not add the 6th gear or spread the ratios wider. I still have mine, because I do not mind cruising at 90-100 but I know people who sold theirs because the VN900 is just too buzzy at 110-120...
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  8. My mate has one on his giant Harley something glide (sounds like a tube of lube), it's a gremlin bell. It's supposed to prevent gremlins jumping onto the bike from the road surface. It sadly does not prevent people reciting the usual HD jokes.
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  9. You are kidding aren't you? A gremlin Bell that is so farkin funny i nearly snorted a stubbie of beer out of my nose. I'm so glad I'm on meds for my heart otherwise I'm sure i would have laughed myself to a heart attack.
  10. I thought Harley's do not need bells, they have built in ones called - engines! (take it from someone who owned one or two!) If that doesn't scare off gremlins I do not know what else would! :)
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  11. Must be a cruiser thing, my Boulevard C50T could go a 6th gear as well, starts to buzz around 120. As for the gremlin bell, my son who lives away, gave me one, when I hear it ring I often wonder what he's up to as he is 7 hours away and we don't get together as often as we would like
  12. Nope, serious. That's how he explains it.
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  13. There you go. As they say you learn something new everyday.
  14. and if you think bells are weird...I wonder what are these used for to scare off? Ogre?
  15. btw. what is the fuel economy you getting with the KV?