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My new bike - Kawasaki Ninja 250r

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rogue01, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Ive actually had it for 2 weeks now; I was hoping to get some proper shots, but now Ive got to leave for work for 3 weeks, so Ill have to post decent ones later!

    Its my first bike, loving it so far. I was a bit worried about getting a brand new, fully faired bike as my first, but its not that much more expensive than a good condition cibby, its 20 years younger, and I know whos ridden it: no-one (sounds like a trophy wife!).

    Anyway, any questions, ask away! I hope to have some eye-candy shots in a few weeks.



  2. Nice man, I have one in green...

    By the sounds of it i got it for the same reason, i didnt want a 20yo bike thats been around the block in more ways than 1 :LOL:

    Looks good in blue, hope you enjoy it :twisted:
  3. Congrats, The bike looks abit odd in blue tho...

    Done any mod's to the bike yet? Any plans for it?
  4. I saw one the other day at Chatswood and i'd say if it was my bike - the first thing to go would be the stock fender kit - that son of a b*tch is MASSIVE!!

    p.s noice bike :)
  5. Congrats that will be a lot of fun on that smooth shiny concrete carpark. :LOL:
    Nice colour too. :cool:
  6. Congrats!!!

    You breaking the engine by the book? that was a pain in the arse for me lol.
  7. Thanks all!

    Officially, I am breaking the engine in correctly.

    I will say however, its quite... difficult.

    The photo doesnt show it, but it actually has a MASSIVE number plate holder thing, its just stupidly big; bigger than a dinner plate. Would easily fit another number plate below it, maybe one on the side too. Ugh, havent found time to Dremel it off yet tho!

    Im not convinced about mods yet; Id like to do the exhaust just for a bit more (and better) noise, anything at all that helps me not get knocked over is a win in my opinion. There are heaps out there for it, just $$$ atm.

    I am REALLY loving the free parking! :D
  8. Yeah i have a fender elim kit on mine, looks much better :cool:

    Do it!
  9. Congrats !!!!
    Never seen one in blue before .. looks quite GOOD :grin:
  10. nice work and you have your own parking spot... paint the space blue to match.. yeah that break ins a biatch with a bike that does 7K at 90kms.. dont stress that much just dont rev the guts out of it till it cuts out..be smooth and let it warm up... dont misst he first oil change either.

  11. Yeh, I always let it warm up. Ive got a 'high performance' car as well, so i know the importance of a little warmth in the oil and engine. The benefit of the car however, is that it has a temp gauge :p

    The fuel gauge on this bike isnt worth the plastic its made from tbh. Pretty much my only gripe; It was on empty for a while, I knew it wasnt, but filled up anyway. I put 8 litres in, and its an 18L tank :p
  12. i have had the fuel guage demon take me down once.. you can get about 400+ks if you are on the granny tablets. further if you try.
  13. Just did a Glorious run and back with the tank on 'empty'.

    Still plenty of fuel.

    That said, Im going to sign back up with RACQ so I can fight off the fuel gauge demon with help if he pops up :p
  14. My 09 250r fuel gauge can't be used as scientific measuring equipment but it isn't as inaccurate as yours. When mine shows half tank, I can fill in 8-9 litres.

    You do know how to fill in a bike right? I hope you’re not sticking the whole nozzle inside. Maybe send it back to get fixed because it shouldn’t be that inaccurate.
  15. Man the ninja 250r's look hot.

    When I rode a hyosung, its fuel gauge didn't work properly either. Guess its just a 'feature' of small bikes. I don't have a fuel gauge - just reset the trip counter every fill.
  16. Yeh, I filled it by looking into the tank. Not quite the same as a car :p

    Yours sounds like its pretty much spot on. Might have them look at it when it goes in for the first service then. Ive seen other people report similiar problems to mine, but I do seem to be at the extreme end of the spectrum.

    At least its not the speedo I guess :D
  17. nice :grin: blue is better than i thought it would be

    i got my blue one on tuesday, not waiting 3 months for black.

    And yeah, numberplate holder is huuuuuge. Ive had a look, dont need to dremel it, the backing plate looks to unbolt, all you will have to do is drill some holes in the plate in the new position.

    only rode it for 15 minutes so far and not its gonna rain on the weekend :evil:
  18. Ah, grats!
    First bike for you as well?
  19. congratz on the bike matey...

    do you by any chance live in the valley :p?

    the carpark looks strangely familiar :LOL:
  20. yep, first bike. Bought within 1 hour of getting my license :LOL: