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My new bike is made here

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Petesul, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. I want them to cut one in half, as long as it comes from here..,
    VW Factory - Germany - YouTube

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  2. Huh? I only saw cars ya goose? Phaetons?
    Am i pissed already... :woot:
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  3. don't mention the war
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  4. I dunno...... but lucky you if the answer is "yes'.
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  5. This is why I joined NR! You guys are the best!!!

    Sorry,..... Can't stop laughing!!!
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  6. Stop messing with me ya goose...I'm tired and emotional and I couldn't even see half a bike... :(
    Not funny!
  7. I think he means half a car equals a bike . .
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  8. Ohhhhhhhh thanks?
    Are you picking on me tonight Stever42Stever42 ? :(
  9. Of course not, just trying to help . . .
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  10. Wow, that's amazing! I love my EOS :) Now I just want some sunshine to put the roof down! Ggggrrrrr ... stupid winter - no roof down, no Jet .... pppfffttt!!
  11. That's pretty impressive!
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