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My new bike, I think I'm in love.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by arlennnn, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. So after 2 weeks of waiting I finally picked up my new bike today from Mornington Kawasaki :D
    She's got a couple of scratches on her fairings, and as you can tell the front were replaced with green ones, as the originals were a bit mangled but I actually really like the contrast of the colours and I got it incredibly cheap, so for my first bike I couldn't be more happier :)

    Rode it back home, and after a few rounds around the residential area near the dealership, I was brave enough to tackle the highway. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. The wind at 100km/h is incredibly strong, but I was having the time of my life.

    Two things I was worried about were gear changes and also whether I was able to multitask doing that and keeping an eye out on the drivers around me. But after a few minutes I was doing it all fine, albeit wasn't perfectly smooth.

    Anyways I'd post more, but I'm too eager to go back out for a ride, hope you like the pictures :biker:

  2. Oh no.....matching jacket with your first bike.....and It's green :-O

    Now you're going to have to stick with Kawasaki's until your jacket is worn out :p

    Lulz cool ride champ, enjoy!
  3. haha tell me about it! I wasn't really thinking logically when I was buying my gear, but I guess I wouldn't be disappointed with another kwaka :p

  4. yep, nice looker for a first bike, and no good smiling, your helmet wont allow it lol
    get into Elwood next sat have a chat and get some pointers from Hawklord and Greybm.
    welcome and go easy, multitasking? well youre a bloke so thats out the window, if you were a chick, you could drive a car, while having brekky, putting the make up on and that 'bump' youd hear would be a guy on a bike you didnt see cause your eyes werent on the road lol so you're normal buddy, take it slowly, practise and more practise.Use familiar roads to reduce your stress levels.
  5. thanks goddie, I'll definitely be down there next saturday!
    haha that is definitely true. Luckily there's a pretty big industrial area near my house, so thats where I'll be spending most of my time practicing, especially my emergency stops.
  6. you'r lucky you have an area to practise at!! SO when you get tips next sat, take them down to your area and keep going over them, and before you know it, you'll actually start to remember things and start to respond natrually. Just remember, it doesnt happen overnight and be patient, you have a few riders down your way, when you improve enough to go on group rides then things will pick up and you will constantly be learning new things with the bike. Keeping a level head and being a 'smart' rider might just be your saviour one day. Read alot thats on here, it all helps.
  7. Most definitely! Just did some laps around the industrial park, practiced my gear changes, practiced braking, I'm not totally smooth but I'm getting a lot better.
    I did notice my throttle control needs to be a lot smoother though as at the moment it's a bit inconsistent.
    I'm a frequent reader of the forums and I have definitely learned a lot! :)
  8. I really like the colour combo on the bike looks good buddy,
    I live in cranbourne so not far from you, hit me up if you wona go for a ride sometime, i also have a 250 ninja (y)
  9. Thanks Simon! I love the green ninjas (like yours!) but when I saw the green and black on this, it definitely got my attention.
    That sounds like a plan, when I get my confidence up I'll give ya a shout. Nice to meet riders from around the area :)
  10. nice bike, and you should definitely be in love with it!

    And don't worry, you'll still be riding kwakas long after that jacket has worn out :D

    (Unless you try a triumph triple, after which there are no guarantees ;) )
  11. great work. look forward to meeting you at practice one day.
  12. Congrats on the bike! See you at practice some time soon.
  13. Congrats OP - these bikes really are awesome as a learner machine.

    John and the guys at Mornington Kawasaki are a great bunch with very real technical knowledge. John himself races a ZX10R (with ABS disabled)
  14. Thanks guys, I'm excited for next weeks prac session!

    I was going to say this bike is absolutely perfect for a learner who wants a sports looking bike. It was a bit of a jump from the klx we rode for my learners test, but I got use to it pretty quick. Having my knees up against the tank was a very weird feeling at the start lol. And the guys at mornington were great! John was straight and true, definitely will go back for my big bike when the time comes :)
  15. I see a white triple pass my work everyday, and wow the sound that comes out of it!
  16. Nice bike! :wink:

    As the others have said, it's a great bike for learning and getting experience.

  17. I am in loooorve with the soundtrack that triple makes. Most days at work I listen to music, but every now and again I find a youtube clip of a guy in france doing twisties on his street triple and I just listen to the engine...
  18. Congrats!!!.....its very excitttttttttttttttttting....
  19. Grats on the bike bud, love the colour scheme
  20. Thanks guys :)

    I have to say I wish I'd gotten my learners earlier, this weekend has been the most fun I've had in a long time! And got a couple of nods from other riders which gave me a huge smile :D

    This has been my routine over the last few days at work too! Productivity has gone down for sure :LOL: