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My new bike - Honda CBR600RR '08

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. hey guys

    well I finally picked her up today and drove to work .... holy shit!!!!

    I nearly crapped my pants ... and I did not even cross the 8000rpm range (new engine, dealer told me to keep it under)

    my god, its been few years (8 to be exact) that I have been riding so I have been out of the picture but I would not have though that the technology progressed so much! Its such a smooth ride ... felt very natural.

    can someone tell me, what r the optimum RPMs tu run it while im just cruising? (eg 60km/h or 80km/h straight) ... I've been told 6000rpm is ideal. Thoughts?

    oh and here is a pic of course, will add more soon:





  2. oh lord. thats hot.
  3. Most important thing to remember while running her in is to vary the revs constantly, ie don't sit on the highway at steady revs too long, and don't labour the engine, ie don't be in 6th gear doing 40km/h.
  4. oh yeah nice bike btw :grin:
  5. HOT!

    And yeah mix up the revs.
  6. Pg. 77 of the user manual

    running in period 500 km (i had to check as i didnt believe it)
    but most people do it for 1000k after which they do the first service.

    it says to avoid rapid acceleration and full throttle starts.

    I was told not to go over 8k rpm but i was also told to use a full range of rpm during run in.
  7. thanks guys for the tips ... thats what I thought ....

    riding to work involves 60 and 80 km/h zones with lots of lights so lots of shifting ... my colleague who rides R6 says he never goes above 3rd gear and holds the revs at around 6000rpm just in case he needs power to get out of a bad situation, thats why I asked.

    I am mostly scared of the power of this machine ... its amazing ... I was shifting a lot though ... cruising in 5th gear doing 80km/h with revs around 3000rpm ...

    I told my friend - I am scared to rev it more cause its so NOISY! he bursted into laughter and shook his head. He said, wait till u rev it to 13.000rpms!!! I am not sure if I want to try that anytime soon (even after the break in period). But yeah, I was not sure if cruising at 60-70km/h (even short distances like 300-500 meters) at 6000rpm is right.

    Sorry im such a newb .... I know I'll get back into it all very quickly ... but these new machines are unbelieveable. I have huge respect to them and I definitelly know my place at this stage.
  8. Exactly. Don't sit on any revs for too long...keep going up and down the rev range and don't be afraid to use say 50% power anytime...keep it under 8K if you want to, but DON'T choof around everywhere at 4K, with the engine labouring either...better to get on and off the gas for a while...at least through the midrange. Do this from the start...don't baby it. :)
  9. Man thats a nice bike. I'm thinking when I upgrade, I'll get a cbr600.

    Not a nice new one like that though.

    You lucky bastard. :LOL:

    What does it rev at 100km/h in top gear?
  10. 14k on road or 14k + ORC?
  11. Ride it like you normally ride. In my case that means flog the shit out of it. Seriously. If you baby it around you are more likely to glaze the bores and the rings won't seat properly. Change the oil before the 1000kms are up and go for it.
  12. THANK YOU again for all the tips guys .... really appreciate ... I'm pretty technical and lot of this is common sense but its still always good to get thoughts from the PROs like yourselves ... always help ;)

    I will vary the RPMs under 8K for the first 500kms and wont keep it at constant rpms for longer time periods ... thats easy .... I wasnt sure if it was ok to rev it up and down like that but thats ok ...

    shame its raining again :( was hopping to go for a ride this evening :( oh well ... will have to wait ...

    btw the bike was $14K rideaway .... plus about $2K for gear and I also got the oggy knobs (which I have to install) and xena alarm disc lock ...
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  14. I'm picking mine up on Saturday :D
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  16. thanks for that link ...

    they are beautiful aren't they ? congrats on the new rides guys ... :)

    I am going to put the red stripes on the wheels ... I think they look pretty cool :)
  17. no I can't.. I spoke with my Honda mechanice and he did not know what oil grade they use in the engines.. he did say though that it is a very thin, clearish oil.. not like the Honda mineral or synth oil...

    I just usually change my oil out after 50km's or so to a semi-synth.. then at 1000km.. to a full synth..
  18. ok, took her to work today but went the "long" way of course ...

    my first observations driving motorcycle in Sydney traffic (all is common knowledge):

    - being carefull and vigilant is NOT enough, you have to look around ten times as much as when driving a car.
    - Making sure rear view mirros are showing you whats around even when you duck at higher speeds is important
    - car drivers are very arrogant and aggresive, had 2 cars that did not want to let me change lanes
    - knowing how fast your bike is going and being fully in control of the throttle means life and death
    - cars WILL cut in front of you
    - if you accelerate little bit faster on green light, some cars take it as a challenge and want to race you

    these are just few I picked up this morning ... I rode btw only on 1st and 2nd and tried to vary the rpms but being vigilant of what that does to my speed and traffic around of course.

    One thing im struggling with riding a sports bike - my hands are putting too much pressure on the handlebars .... I feel like I have been working out after riding the bike. I know I am grabbing them too much but Im not sure how to get a firmer lock of my body to the bike. I tried squeezing the tank with my knees more, that freed up my arms and they were quite loose but the moment I started braking here I was again, squeezing the handle bars tight .... you can see the marks on my hands from the imprint of gloves on how hard I was pressing. Any tips there guys ?


    EDIT: updated main post with more pics ...
  19. Good choice with the bike. I test rode one the other day. Had a lot of fun. I found the handlebars quite low, putting pressure on the bars and your wrists.
    I found that the cause of this was lack of grip on the tank.

    The tank is smooth and thin, making it a little hard to squeeze with your knees/thighs because you slide forward. If I was you I would get Stomp Grips for the sides of the tank to give you better grip with your thighs. http://www.stompdesign.com/stompgrip/street_honda.asp

    This should help you so that when you brake, you can squeeze harder onto the tank putting less pressure on the bars.
  20. Stomp grips, while popular more by word of mouth, are ugly, uncomfortable, and people have found them to rip up your leathers.

    I personally use TechSpec tank grips which I've found to grip very well. The guy who services my bike races nationally, and even he remarked how well they worked without looking like the bike has chicken pox.