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My new bike...GT550

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. I got my new bike this week, and so it's time to replace the faithful ol' Yamaha SR185 - quite an Exciter! - with the Kawasaki GT550 (or Z550GT). I got her off ebay for $1500, which included a RWC (and what was required - a new disk). I went to check out the seller's Yamaha XZ550, and the GT was also sitting there. A friend test rode both and, despite the fact he is used to very good big bikes, he was quite impressed with the Kawasaki. It has a bunch of extra mods - sports exhaust etc - as well as some nice stock accessories...like an electronic fuel gauge!

    Does anybody know anything about the history of these bikes - the reasoning behind them and their place in the lineage of Z's?

    My only concern with this bike is the copper stains in the fuel tank - I suspect a rusty tank, though it isn't outright rust, but given the bad condition of the paintwork, which is painted over but cracking, I have my predictive suspicions. I guess the best thing to do is install a fuel filter and watch what happens. Presumably other Z tanks will fit this bike (I could get one to suit the Stone bikini fairing which I have my eye on :) ).

    The bikes name is Stone (...man). (I was named Stone when my friends made a link between my Sr, and the way Stone looks in that opening scene on his bike, with his tough white suite, white postman helmet, white gauntlets, and funky soundtrack! :? )
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  3. Is it a shaft drive? The GT bikes were the next evolution of Kawasaki's Z range and got discs all round, bigger fuel tanks, a more modern electronic ignition and other small mods here and there. They still have the indestructible air cooled donks too I think.
    Fuel tanks are pretty plentiful, so a good second handie is your best bet if your tank is shagged.
    They are all strong engines, heaps of midrange torque and respond very well to mods.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Got an old bike book here I picked up cheap - has both the GT550 and Z550 listed. Engines are the same displacement but the Z550 produces peak power at 9,000rpm the GT at 7500 (though both only produce 56 hp). GT is shaft drive, Z is chain and the GT has a 178mm rear drum compared to 160 on the Z (both have 240mm twin front discs). Looks like the same engine was also used in the GPZ550 - though that has an extra 9hp thanks to bigger carbs, higher compression and a higher rpm.