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My New Bike! (finally!) And first ride.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ]{ing Nothing, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Finally purchased!

    Ended up with a 1988 black kawasaki gpx250, and paid $2600 for it, years rego and rwc included (so not really new but it's new to me dammit)
    And I have to say, my first ride was interesting one! (Keep in mind I'm pretty much a complete noob)
    So I took off from Geelong where I made the purchase, rode for about 15 mins before deciding that I should fill up to make sure I'd make it back to sunny Melbourne. So I fill up, go in to pay, come back out, and start the bike. Or tried to. It failed to start, and each successive attempt brought a longer dying groan from the battery as it failed to kick life into the engine. So I push the bike out of the way, and I'm on the verge of called the seller, when a couple of guys on enduro type bikes rock up, and ask if things are ok. I tell them I've got battery trouble, try to start the bike to demonstrate, and the guy offers to give me a push start. I said "yup" and he asked if i'd done it before. I said "nope". He tells me to put it in 3rd. It won't go past first, and I have a horrible feeling that I've obtained a - how you say - lemon. We try the start in first, and I screw it up, so he rides and I push, he can't get the bike past first gear either so first is what we try in. Doesn't work. He says "looks like you've got more problems than the battery", and that horrible feeling gets worse, and I begin to think perhaps I should have spent more on my bike than my protective gear, rather than the other way around. His buddy comes along and helps me push and after second try we have ignition!

    The guy (i never got his name), tells me it goes into second now and we figure (he doesn't know anything about the model) that it must be some kind of "feature" that doesnt let you without have the engine running. So I say thanks and he's says "just don't stop on your way back to melbourne".

    After that it was smoothish sailing. Wind in my ears was extremely annoying and I need to buy some earplugs. The day itself was fairly windy and I was getting blown around the place, so I dropped speed to 80-90km
    and held a steady course. I had to keep forcing my arms to relax, as they were quite tense most of the way home. I also now realise just how dangerous tiny imperfections in the road can be. I rode over one of those long squiggle lines of patchwork tar, and felt a severe loss of traction, and thanked various gods I was not on a corner during that experience.

    The western ring road has a couple of "very high winds" areas so i slowed right down 60-70km in those parts to avoid getting knocked about too much, and other than that I made it back in one piece and very much alive.

    I saw a rider coming the opposite way looking at me, but I was concentrating on not getting blown off my bike and so didn't get to give the nod. So if you were riding on the melb to geelong princes hwy and saw a black-tiger-angel-leathers-clad rider with an anthracite shoei helmet, clinging on to a black gpx with red wheels for dear life, who rudely ignored you, it was me, and i hereby officially "nod".

    And of course if you helped out the above rider at a shell on the way out of geelong, you have my deepest gratitude. The rider community is something that would keep me riding if nothing else could.

    And a quick and final thanks to those few netriders with whom I held discussions about purchasing the various bikes they were selling - you know who you are!

    I now officially love my bike (gf slightly jealous), and I'm sure I'll be riding for many years to come! See you guys at a coffee night some time ;-)

  2. I'm trying to think back to my first bike (GPX), and I seem to recall that when push starting it I had to click it into first, then up into second. It wouldn't go into second from neutral directly for some reason, so it may be by design.

    By the way, second gear is the best gear to push start most vehicles, cars or bikes.
  3. it wouldn't go to second from first either. it was a choice of first or neutral. :-( any who it's all sorted now (i havent started the bike today, but I presume the battery will be ok after the hour long ride last night.
  4. Congrats on your bike. Be nice to it and it will be nice back. Sounds as if you had an intersting but good first day. that feeling that you got that you've mucked something up or made abad choice, trust me it's normal and i don't think it goes away. One of the best things i have gotten from netrider is that most of us go thru the same stuf or slight variations. Hope you enjoy your bike as much as i do mine and stay safe.
  5. Congrats on your bike :)
  6. i've discovered i have sore back muscles now as well. i presume thats relatively normal... :)
  7. Kawasaki Positive Neutral finder. Designed so when the bike comes to a stop, you click down into first, then when the bike stops, you cannot move the lever past neutral.
    A side effect of this is only being able to select neutral or first when bike is not running. However, if the bike has forward movement(like being pushed) then you can select a higher gear. So, push of fin neutral, and when you are moving, you can select second, third or whatever you need.
    Second is fine for a push start and a roll start though.
    Just sounds like new bike, haven't got the technique for a start right yet syndrome!
    If the bike is hot, crank it over with the throttle slightly open (say 1/8 -1/4 open). If cold, even after riding, you may need a little choke.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Well done on your first ride and congrats on your bike purchase. :wink:

    I'll vouch for that. I live on a hill so what I do is start up the bike, let it start rolling down out of the driveway and click up straight into second gear. Always works.
  9. Ah, baptisms of fire, what fun, especially when they are happening to someone else!!!

    Congrats on the new toy :)
  10. Sorry, I forgot to mention it would only go into 2nd from 1st if the bike was rolling.
  11. took it for a spin to northcote to visit a friend and just got back. Started no probs this time (I think the ride from geelong to melb has fixed any battery problems in the meantime). It was such a nice ride too! part of the reason I initially wanted a cruiser was that laid-back feeling, but the gpx through residential streets still gives me that feel. I don't feel like I need to be anywhere in a hurry, I can time my time and be relaxed. When driving the car I always want to be at my destination NOW, but there's none that on my bike :) It may be too early to tell, but I think I'll keep this bike until it falls apart.
  12. My first bike was a zzr. Had the battery die six month after I bought it. I had to push start it to get to the shop, but I knew about the gearbox. :wink:

    I loved that bike too. I had it for 18 months and sold it to move interstate (QLD to VIC). Sad to see it go, was great on fuel, and alot of fun too. I only lost abut $400 on the sale, after I dropped it too! So I'm guessin' you'll sell that bike when you later upgrade.

    Have fun and ride safe! :cool:
  13. Happy riding!
  14. Congrats! KN

    what a great story of your first ride and first bike.
    Hope all is well from here in and possibly see you at coffee soon.