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My new bike - duke 748 :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dims, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Hey gang,
    Here is my first duke. What an animal, i love the noise this thing makes.

    Picked it up yesterday, I have a bad habit of staring at it too...Had to zip out somewhere last night, came home and its parked in the carport...couldn't keep my eyes off it...hence how i forgot to take my keys out of the ignition and lock them in the car and why i'm late to work this morning

    Pics below
  2. Well, that's the end of the old ping-pong table :LOL:.
  3. Very tasty indeed! Lucky sod - enjoy!
  4. what a beast!! i've been on the back of one of those at 200kph on the M1 down in melbourne.. only do that to your worst enemy!! the pillion seat is sooo high
  5. Got to love that shape!! Have fun and enjoy.
  6. Thanks guys....Yeah picked it up yesterday. As you may or may not know it was P1SSING down yesterday!
    I was rocking up at the lights and feeling a water sludge in my boots, not to mention putting my hands up to empty all the water out of them.

    Funny thing is, even though i was SOAKING wet, i still had an awesome time. :LOL:
  7. one of my favourite bikes
    happy riding buddy
  8. Very sweet. It must sound awesome too. Congrats.
  9. YES! the shape of the engine is like my Hyosung!! race ya! ?
  10. Only if you're Hyosung isn't red. Every knows red goes faster.
  11. One of the best looking bikes ever made, enjoy it! :grin:
  12. Welcome to the club!

    The more you ride it, the more you'll love it. The handling is just awesome!
    Try to find yourself a mechanic who is good at working on Ducati's also. My bike performed a heap better since I found a mechanic with the right knowhow!
  13. Nice ride, all it needs is some good Ducati Performance bits, just keep the service up to it and replace anything that needs it at that time. That way it will last ages and ages.
  14. Swwwweeeeet! Yeah i dont even own it and im sitting open mouthed admiring it.
    Nice choice mate. =P~
  15. [​IMG]

    very nice bike mate! the termi's must make it sound incredible!
  16. Yum.

    I'm looking at getting the $3.50 version :LOL:
  17. What, phiz, the plastic model one? Why not get 4 or 5 and put them in a blender on slow? That should simulate the clutch sound :cool: :LOL:

    Seriously sexyful bike! :grin: