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My new bike...DUCATI MONSTER

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by LCGTR1970, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hi guys
    I put up a post asking about monsters a little while back as i was looking at buying one....well ...here it is.

    Its a 97 ducati monster 600 with new paint, all new lines (fuel lines etc), ducati performance carbon fibre pipes (sounds f@#king amazing...very loud), new tyres and bar end mirrors.

    rides and handles awesomely!

    went for a ride with a few mates which was great except it pissed down rain for 98% of the ride!!!
    but it didnt dampen the spirits!
    I love it!!
    anyway heres some quick pics (off my phone in between downpours after the ride)



  2. Beautiful bike mate, looks tops
  3. I've a growing appreciation for Ducs - that looks like great fun!
  4. Mate congrats. I am also looking at a monster, whats the ride like? What were you riding previously? How much did they get you on insurance?
  5. Nice bike you have there LCGTR1970. Hope you have lots of fun on it.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. The ride I have found is awesome
    , handles well and feels quite responsive to weight transfer and still feels really stable. I used to ride a Kawasaki Gpz 250r which was great but this is another ball game. Having no screen at all infront of you I can really feel the wind driving into my chest especially once speeds get in excess of 80. Insurance wasn't as bad as I thought, it's with Nrma and about 470ish full comprehensive I was pretty happy with that.
    If you're looking at a monster get one I love mine. Only had it for a hand full of days and have been riding it every day so far and it's been raining non stop!
    Thanks guys
  7. Looks great! A lot like my M600 did. You need to chop off that latte holder on the rear end though! I did a how-to thread on chopping the tail on the Monster a while back. Have a read of that if you want to do your own, it's a fairly simple afternoon's work and it vastly improves the bike's lines.
  8. Looks awesome in black LCGTR1970 ... well chosen!

  9. thanks guys
    yeah i love it in black! looks mean.

    thanks for the tip re the tail...ill try find the thread and have a read.

    anyone have any advice for me regarding the rear brake...it squeals like a biatch at low speeds. ive read that the pad could be glazed??? is this from not bedding it in correctly?
    is this bad? can i fix it bar having to replace pads?

    cheers guys
  10. gorgeous bike! looks mean as!

    liking the duc's more and more :D