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My new bike dropped!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Girl81, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Oh My goodness... Dropped my new bike AAAARRRGGH!!!!! :mad:

    I came up to this intersection (50km/h road) stopped at stop sign and was going to turn right down hill into 80km/h zone. There was a car coming on my right so I waited, he then indicated, and slowed right down. He moved over to the left and just as he started to turn I went to go got my bike over the stop line, and the car decided that didn't want to turn anymore and jerked car back onto road i had already started to turn applied brakes but in my shock and cos was steep road put both feet down my right foot slipped and in a slow motion way i couldn't hold bike up and it fell to the right aaaarrrggh. There is a lil scratch on the mirror, end of handle bars, and tiny scratch on exhaust and oggys my front brake was bent - fixed now. I really got away unscathed but so cranky cos the guy didn't stop. A lady in her front lawn came running over and helped me lift my bike, almost had it on my own, then I rode home to discover the damage.

    Pissed off! Only just got licence and bike. But lucky I'm ok just a sore wrist that will settle down.
  2. spewin girl! Keep smiling at least you stopped in time. :grin:
  3. sorry to hear... most drops happen within the first 1000kms for new riders... whether static or moving... once ur bike begins to lean over after a certain angle.. you cannot hold it up anymore... it happens alot..
  4. Really makes ya feel like punchin something, doesnt it?
  5. chin up
    it happens to everyone!

  6. Bugger, dont worry it happens to the best of us, just think of them as battle scars.

    The first time i dropped mine i pulled up outside Jeffrey Honda, put the stand down, hopped off and the bike fell over because the stand wasnt all the way down, common mistake Ive been told.

    But guess what I learned from it now I double check every time, and I havent done it since. So just try and learn something from what happened.
  7. It's all part of the learning process.
  8. sorry to hear about your drop. but dont worry we all do it :(
  9. could be worse.
    please try not to do it again.
  10. If I may say, congrats Girl on having the forsight to carry oggys in the first place. Handy little fellows at times like this.
  11. Yes I did feel like punching something - I gave in once i got home and punched screen door LOL

    Was just so angry that it wasn't a really stupid mistake that i could learn lots from - except a little reminder to myself that ride like your invisible! THe best thing I learn't was i need to get better shoes (riding boots) that are totally non slip!

    Thanks for reasurring me i'm not an idot :? Back on the bike 2morrow!
  12. ...and thats the most important thing. :)
  13. thats the spirit, :cool:
  14. if i had a dollar for every time i've seen a stupid maneuvere courtesy of a cage driver who should be on a bus/train on my way to uni/work .........
  15. When I first got my bike, I was wheeling it out of the garage but not sitting on it, I was walking next to it. Slightest angle was all it needed and it went over. Nothing I could do, just had to let go so I didn't fall on top of it.

    Not a scratch surprisingly, I learnt my lesson, was still p1ssed off.
    Sit on the bike while it's moving... anywhere, and no matter how slow.

    Few days later I'm in the city and attempting a U-turn which I botched royally and grabbed some front-brake. Bike began to go down on the right and I was so furious at the thought of dropping my bike twice in a week that I just reefed the bastard back up.

    It was like when babies are trapped under cars and their mum like, picks it up and throws it over a fence.

    When I dropped it in the driveway I had to get my left leg under it and then stand while lifting using my leg as a leaver :?
  16. At least you weren't hurt.
  17. +1

    Idiocy abounds.
  18. There is a way to stop you falling , that the instructor tought me ,

    If your about to fall , which ever direction your falling , pull the handlebars to the other direction. have a try at this
  19. You be surprised by just how many men wont stop to help & just how many women will. Its men with attiudes like that, that really piss me right off.

    Pickin up a 250 there is a knack to it & everyone finds there own way. But the bigger the bike yeah you do need help, & Im sure if & when should you need help, someone will gladly assist you.

    Anyway glad your not hurt & with very little damage. Part of the learning process.
  20. as has been said it happens to us all - but that doesn't and probably shouldn't stop from wanting to hit something even if it's only your head on the wall. Glad you weren't hurt