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My new bike: CBR125R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Ezza, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Well after a bit of a false start at the beginning of the year buying sight unseen a Hyosung GT250 to learn on that ended up being too tall and heavy for my little female frame (yes yes, should have gone and tried one beforehand, lesson learnt) :angel: I am just about to purchase next week, the feather weight, midget sized CBR125R to gte my licence and learn to ride on. :eek:hno: So here are some pics! I lubs it... :D




    Sorry about pics quality, iPhones don't take the best pics... :s
  2. She's a little beauty - well done Ezza :)

  3. Congrats, you'll have a ball
  4. that is a hot colour scheme (incl. gold rims)

    congrats on being able to get it and congrats on getting the bike!!
  5. Thanks mav (and Robbie and Nirvana) :D Yeha I think it's the best colour scheme out of the ones available for that time, always liked it, just a bit different (and maybe a little bit more girly....hehe)
  6. Nice bike. Cant wait to hear about your first ride when you get it.
    I hope it brings you many Kms of fun.
  7. She's a little beuty, gold rims look great.

    As someone who learned to ride on a Kawasaki KH100 in Ireland, where learners cant ride bigger than 125cc I would have loved one of these as my first bike.

    You are gonna love that bike

    Ride the nuts off it and stay upright
  8. Yay! Picked up the bike last night! So now just have to find some money sometime to insure it and go for my licence! :D

    Might post up some better pics soon (with me on it!) :D
  9. So what are you going to do with it with no licence or insurance?
  10. Get it insured once I get my licence... :roll: dur.

    Whats wrong with getting the bike first? It's the exact one I wanted and bikes are hard to get up here, theres not a lot around and its a long trek to Adelaide or Melbourne and quite a bit of extra money to get it up here. Plus as a new rider I wouldn't want my first ride to be long distance. By the time I'd got around to getting my licence, this one might well have been sold. As it was, the guy that traded it had enquired about buying it back for his wife but couldn't thankfully cause I'd bought it. So case in point... instead it is at home, safe and sound, encouraging me to get my licence asap and means i'll have something to ride as soon as I get my licence, not wasting the short 15 months max. I have on my L's looking for the right bike.

    My stepdad can take it out for rides in the mean time so it's not just sitting.
  11. Woo Hoo! Bet you are loving having the bike home now.

    Go get that licence now!!!

    And yes, photos please
  12. I am Maplegum! :D

    Will prob get my licence in the new year sometime (thinking Feb) due to financials mounting up over the xmas period :( but hey, maybe sooner and in the mean time the bike is an early xmas pressie for myself! :D
  13. How's it ride? Take it for a nice scoot up and down the block :)
  14. Well I've not ridden it myself cause no licence yet but my stepdad brought it home and we both went out on it last night (total of about 140kgs) to get some fuel for it and it went fine even with both of us on, so pretty well. :)
  15. Well Most people see if they are suitable for riding before spending thousands on stuff that,s all.
  16. Good on you Ezza for giving it a go, you're going to love it!
  17. I agree once you ride you can't stop. You'll have a ball with it.
  18. I sorry you don't get my point.
  19. Some people get their bikes first and then license/insurance later and some do it the other way around. Ezza as long as you are happy which you obviously are then that's all that matters.
  20. by far the best colour scheme for those bikes. tri-colour honda's are a must.