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My new bike - BMW F800 GS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Howdy all.

    Been a while since I've posted, but since moving to London a year and a bit ago I've been bikeless. Just picked up my new baby on wednesday, a BMW F800 GS (first one out of the dealers as well :) )

    Weather's crappy at the moment, 5 degrees, rainy and windy, so I've only put on 30 odd miles on her. Also wasn't in the mood to play with Easter traffic on a new bike (plus not having ridden in almost a year). Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday weather will be good enough to go for a longer ride (and hopefully find a bit of dirt).




    Review wise need a bit more time, but she suits me perfectly. Seat position is high, but totally fine for me. Much easier to put on the centre stand than my former GSA. Only annoying thing is there is still weight on the front wheel when on the centre.

    Still keeping her under 5k rpm's, but she goes well enough for that so far. Haven't got her into 4th gear yet though :)

    Gearbox is much smoother than on my GSA. Also 100% fuel injection, so no choke.

    The 21 inch front wheel makes turning a little more gentle than aggresive, but I need some time on the twisties to confirm that. And I'm getting 35 mpg (roughly 14.6 km per l) in London city traffic according to the onboard comp. But I need more time in the saddle to confirm all that.

    Getting to the battery was a little painful. Had to remove the pretend fuel tank to get to it. But the onboard toolkit under the seat had all the bits to open it up, so in the field shouldn't be an issue.

    Adjusting suspension, clutch and brake levers is a piece of piece. Little dial to spin. And ABS kicks butt.

    Still waiting on touratech/bmw to come up with handguards & luggage. Both aren't scheduled for another couple of months.
  2. hey Brendan !
    Long time no chat !
    I'll be at Earls Court on Wednesday.
    Maybe Stonebridge later in the week ! ;) (Ace Cafe !)

    In Bologna tomorrow but ! - certain factory and museum to visit ! :grin:

    Might see you around !
  3. Close, it's Brad, you always call me Brendan :grin:

    Earls court was where we were when we first got here.

    Holler when you're going to the Ace Cafe. It was too sad for me to go to before when I was bikeless :)
  4. lol, sorry Brad !
    Its your mate Brendan with the yellow leathers thats stuck in my mind !
  5. Congrats and thanks for the pics - love 'em.

    Look forward to a dirt report :cool:
  6. Hey mate, welcome back to Netrider, I have been wondering where you went. London, eh??? Are you coming back or is that move permanent?

    Nice bike, lousy weather: it's a miracle the UK industry exists at all :LOL:.
  7. *peers at the bike jealously* I so very much wish that Australia was getting that bike before November. It seems (on paper) ideal for what I want to do, but I'm planning to get a bike in the next month or two.

    Sounds like you enjoy it? :)
  8. Congrats on the bike Kaer. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on it.

    Couple of questions I'd like answered when you get the chance/knowledge.. please ;)

    1. How does it go as a road bike? I mainly want to know if it's good for commuting.

    2. How heavy is it? I ask cos it doesn't look all that big/heavy.

    3. You say the seat position is high..how high? (I'd like to sit on one but they're not available in Australia yet - from what I've heard it wont be till Sept at the earliest).


  9. Nice looking bike. BMW certainly do a great job.
  10. rosie there is a little romour going around (published in ARR actually) see if you can find a shop with a 08 f650gs, they too have the 800 twin now, bike manufatured are all playing games now not labelling bikes with anything remotely close to the engine size, like the mito cagiva 525 which is a 125
  11. Hey Kaer, good to hear how youre going! Yeah thats a top bike Im thinking of getting one too, we dont get em here for a while yet though. Im gonna test the X Country 650 this weekend for fun. How long you in London for ?
  12. How about the 31st of March mate !

    German Bike and Car night !
  13. Commuting, she's too long to be what I call perfect for that. Also the big front wheel makes low speed turning a little tricky. Just have to be a little more forceful. The length makes it painful to park in standard motorcycle bays.

    Heavy wise, she's 207kg dry. But the centre stand is much easier to use than before. Compared to my old 1150 GSA she feels much, much lighter.

    I'm 6 foot tall, and my feet aren't flat when I'm on her. I'm used to it though, so not fussed. You can order it in with a low seat straight from the dealer at no extra cost. As a note, the demo bikes in the dealers all have the low seat fitted as standard normally.

    I'll post up a more detailed review in a month or so after I've put some klicks on her, both commuting & touring.
  14. Sounds like a plan. See ya there.
  15. Originally me and missus planned on 2 years. But then after getting here, I found I take home 4 times as much money as back in Oz for doing the same job.

    So now the plan is to stick around for a few more years to build up some bank :)

    I did look into shipping bike back to Oz afterwards as well, just in case we leave early. After owning for a year, don't have to pay any import duties to import into Oz. And we were looking at a shipping container anyway, so all works out.
  16. Done !!!

    ciao !
  17. Hrr. I assume it's not longer than the R1150/1200GS though? (I should just look up the wheelbase stats, shouldn't I?)
  18. It felt longer, so out of curiousity I looked it up, length is:

    1150 gsa - 2180 mm
    1200 gsa - 2210 mm
    r800gs - 2320 mm

    It makes parking on the side of the street a little tricky, as you have to park at an angle to not stick the nose out. Or find a full car space which then negates a bit of the value in using her as a commuter.

    Also just a little trickier filtering through traffic with lots of turns (stationary traffic, moving between cars from lane to lane). So yeah, I wouldn't be recommending her as a commuter bike.
  19. Fantastic bike by the look and sound of it. If it was around when I bought my ST, it would have been a REAL tough decision!

    Enjoy it mate!

    Butz. :beer: