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My New Bike :) At last - I'm naked!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Respi, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I know I’ve contradicted myself with this decision, but after many test rides of my top 3 –Speed Triple, Bruatle & Café Racer I have decided to go with my heart and not my head on this bike purchase. I’ll be picking her up this Sunday after I come back from my trip to Coffs Harbour through to Sydney.

    I’ve always loved the look of this bike and have done as much homework as I could in regards to the controversial history of the manufacturer & its importer. Allot of the problems that people have experienced seemed to surrounding incorrect mapping, something I’ve insisted be checked & re-check pre-delivery.

    I know this will sound strange but if it should decide to get a case of electrical quirkiness, I’m ok with and will still love this bike no matter what, after all it has been my dream bike since it hit the market.

    The great news is, my camera arrived in from the U.S so first thing on my agenda is to strap that sucker to my helmet and gently pluck a few feathers from that back tyre.


    here's a pic (not my bike) of the pipe I'd like to throw on after I save a bit. whether this will happen or not is dependant on how lazy I am and how tight funds are.


    anyways, i'm a happy camper and look forward to seeing some of you sydney folk on the roads.
  2. It looks likes a Transformer shagged a B-King, but I'm not saying that's a bad thing :p

    Top choice.
    Good job putting pics in your thread, too - I don't have to kill you or anything...
  3. ive loved this bike since i first saw r\pics of it. let us know how it goes when you get it
  4. :censored: I hate you.


    Nice bike! Are you getting it in those colours?
  5. My bike is exactly the same as pictured - plus that's the only colour it comes in, which is ok with me :0)
  6. that is amazingly good looking!!!
  7. very hot looking naked bike you have there :cool:
  8. wholly bejesus that bike looks the shit. nice choice, well done!
  9. Thanks all - TBH I was expecting a bit of sledging for my chocie, but no one's chewed in to me yet! (Holds breathe)
  10. =P~ :cry: :applause:

    It's boootiful!
  11. that looks mad, sure makes my 1st bike choices look lame
  12. Noiiiiiiiiice. :)

    I approve.
  13. that is so beautiful.
  14. wow that looks awesome!!
  15. That is a seriously hot bike, I'm sooooo jealous! I love the way the front looks angled down, it looks like its about to pounce
  16. Your bike is a complete heap of rubbish.

    But being the generous person that I am I will of course be perfectly happy to take it off your hands and save you the embarrasment of riding it in public ;)
  17. Congrats .
    :grin: :cool:

    I love these bikes and one would be in my "wishful" 3 bike shed . :cool: .

    But im not sure on the rear blinkers ,they look a little loonng. :wink:
  18. mmmmm, looks like you could swing the Harbour Bridge off that swing arm :LOL:

    Great looking bike, jealous as all crazy :).
  19. Congrats mate!!! That's one :cool: lookin bike.
    When I first read the title.. I was SO hoping it was a female NR posting :(
  20. ummm..what the heck IS IT!?...
    (shadap...I don't know)