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My new bike, Again... [56k Warn.]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zeker, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Since my last thread was deleted because the site is now being run by NSW Police, here it is again, where will will try to refrain from racy or potentially harmful conduct.

    I've also decreased the size down to 800x600 for those people who have slow net connections or crappy CRT monitors (Hope your enjoying the radiation).

    In summary, I love my new bike/bat mobile.


    MOD - Edited images. Carry on like this again and this thread will be deleted. Read the terms and conditions and if you have a problem in future please pm and discuss like an adult.
  2. Cocky prick ! :LOL:

    Bike looks AWESOME! Congrats
  3. ^

    What he said lol. Love the bike, Great pics :grin:
  4. Nice bike, nice 'P' plate too, I didn't realize the zx6 was LAMS
  5. Grats, looks badass in the pics!
  6. They mods delete it because they say its too many pics...

    no idea why..

    maybe they all have 14/4bps modems.

  7. Well as far as rules, this one breaks none.
  8. Some honesty wouldn't go amiss, mate (and I'll deal with the gratuitous insults in a minute.....)

    Your thread was pulled by one of the mods because it had too many pictures (as this one still does) and because they were too big. Furthermore you have conveniently failed to reveal that the mod in question PM'd you to this effect, so you DO know what happened and why.

    As to your smarta* comments about people's computers and screen sizes and internet speeds, you should know that many people here were using computers while you were still soiling nappies. This forum caters for many different levels of computer expertise and levels of access. The standard of photo size and number is set to allow for those who are not IT snobs to be able to enjoy its contents as well as those who just have to have the latest and greatest hardware, so they can demean those who don't.
  9. +1 Hornet, and a schlap for the OP
  10. Can't people with crappy internet bandwidth or oldschool monitors stick to solitaire?

    Nice bike!! I'd like to get something like this (or the CBR600/R6 equivalent) in 9 months when i come off my restricted licence. The 3k insurance premium is gonna hurt. :(
  11. so would running into a merc, physically and financially. Especially without insurance.
  12. Zeker, let me address your PM in the thread rather than privately.

    Whether or not you DID know about why the thread had been pulled or not, you opened with a snide remark about moderation on this forum. If you don't like the way it is moderated, perhaps another less moderated forum would be to your liking. Sniping at the Admins and the Mods is a certain path to rebuke, on any forum.

    I accept that the Ts&Cs Do allow 5 pictures, with an exception for the Touring Forum. My mistake. However I will add that ImagePost (which most of us use, (when it's working)) asks for a maximum resolution of 800x600 to be used. This is to cater for the lowest possible level of useage of the forum.

    With regards to 'my insults were just a joke', well that's the last resort of the coward who's been caught out. If you though that your comments COULD have been construed as an insult, then wisdom would have dictated not to post them.

    Many Netriders DO live in areas where 'Net access is slow and unreliable. It is to them, the minority, that we cater with the minimum standard. It's called compassion and consideration. I cannot see how, if you have a zillion bps internet connection, and a 25" screen, that YOUR enjoyment of Netrider is hampered by this standard.

    As to age, it has a lot to do with it. When I was 19 I thought I knew it all too. Many painful experiences has me at 60 realising what an arrogant and inaccurate position that was.
  13. :? I have insurance though?
  14. So keen to get this bike when I'm off restrictions. Have to ask again since the last post was deleted but can you tell me how much your insurance is? cheers!
  15. $3002.45 with a $400 Excess :( At least the excess is cheap!
  16. I pay $234 with a $350 excess

    Being old has some advantages :LOL:.
  17. Curious mate, is the steering damper standard or aftermarket?

    Also how do you like the front end of the bike in the flesh?

    Keep it rubber side up [:
  18. This damn motorbike - so hot right now...

    Congrats :grin:

    EDIT: By the way, not to keep the whole argument going over size/quantity of pictures... But might I suggest meeting the requirements in your post on the forum and then providing a link at the bottom to an external photo hosting site (eg. flickr) for people with the capability to view higher res images. I'm interested in seeing the full photos :)
  19. Is that with Insuremyride by any chance?
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