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My new bike - 2008 GSX-R1000

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by cbwolf, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Well, i finally purchased a new bike.

    Starting out on a little CBR250RR which got written off, moved onto a Hyosung GT650R and now that i'm off restrictions, my new baby, a 2008 GSX-R1000.

    Moving from the Hyosung to the Suzuki has been like moving from a Hyundai to a BMW. Everything about it is just so much better. Brakes, power, quality, handling - all astonishingly good! Moving from a 650cc twin to an inline 4, i was expecting to have a little bit of a lag time down low until the engine wound up, but honestly there is nothing at all. The thousand is happy to putter around at 3000rpm and has torque everywhere!

    Absolutely wrapped, although i am now absolutely of the understanding that nobody in their right minds requires this much power on the street. It really is just silly. The day i picked it up, i rode it home down the freeway, doing 100km/h, shifted down to 3rd and gave it a bit of a twist, few seconds later i'm doing 180km/h and cursing under my breath as i hit the anchors. It really is just silly fast.

  2. That looks pretty bloody nice!!

    How does that exhaust sound?
  3. hot!

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  4. She hot man, like the exchaust.
  5. Gorgeous looking bike bud !
    Doesn't take much at all to reach licence-breaking speeds on these animals :)
    Great colour choice as well, not that I'm biased or anything....
    Enjoy the new wheels dude.
  6. damn thats a good looking bike you have there
  7. Does the bike come from the factory with the red rims? (stickers?)
  8. no.

    Hot bike!
  9. Very nice ride mate (y)

    Quick noob question.... are those pipes f'in legal? :D

    they look like just been cut before the mufler, Don't get me wrong though I love the look ;)
  10. Thanks for the comments guys.

    These bikes don't come with the red rim tape, i've added it along with the black/red pazzo levers (not really visible in the pic). I'm going for a black/red theme on this bike.

    As for the exhaust, objectively, it sounds shit hot. Lots of people bag the Jardine GP1's because they're a slip on and not a full exhaust but i really couldn't care less. 180HP is plenty for me.

    Also, no they're not legal. They won't even come close to passing EPA noise levels. Open, the GP1's are around 110db mark and honestly will have your ears ringing after about 15 minutes of riding, however they are supplied with some very nice billet inserts that cut it down to 100db which is a really nice level. Loud, but not too loud and not loud enough to have your ears ringing. Still sound great too and the quality of the exhaust is fantastic. All mandrel bends, spotless welding, laser engraved GP1 logo.

    I've been playing with the ABC modes and god there is a HUGE difference between A and C. C is meant to cut you down to about 130HP or so and boy can you feel it. Good for the wet or on gravel/dusty rodes. Also the slipper clutch is very nice, i bumped it down from 4th to 1st @ 11km/h today and not a wiggle, no lock up at all. Clever bike so far :)
  11. Time to change your Avatar...

    I'm jealous as hell, btw. That thing looks awesome.
  12. Black bikes are always hot! I'm jealous.
  13. +2 on being jealous. I want my fulls so bad..
    Really nice mate.. :D
  14. Well done mate, I love the gixxer 1thou's and came ultra close to getting one.

    The 1000cc sports bikes really do have insane acceleration for road use. Even short shifting from a standstill, you get to 110kph in no time at all. Hell, I've seen 150kph in 1st, still 1500/2000rpm off red line and all within a few seconds.

    These bikes were born and bred for the race track but are just as happy to putt round town. I can't wait to let loose on the track to really stretch its legs. In the meantime, I'll will be knocking a couple of teeth of the rear sprocket sooner rather than later.

    All the best and happy riding.
  15. It might be silly, but it looks very nice :).
  16. Isn't it nice to have some horsepower at your disposal.. Just respect that throttle and the bike will respect you.

    You have a great looking machine there, and i love the GP Pipes, they sound awesome !!
  17. congrats! hot looking bike!!!
  18. I love the bike and i love your mods man, really tastfull.

    Looks badass and im sure it goes like the wind!
  19. Great Bike alright... my 750 has it covered though! :blackeye:

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  20. That is nice, the current gen of all the Gixers are great, IMO.
    I'm looking for a bike now, and missed out on a K8 1000 the other day. Spewing.

    Your brake lines are pink though...:bolt: